Tuesday, August 20, 2019

More summer fun . . .

 Michael continues to ride his bicycle often and I walk more, enjoy seasonal blooms, go to therapy twice a week and do the homework exercises.

I've been researching and dealing with house plants. Some should have been repotted long ago. Some very hard-working girls help me  on a weekly basis to tackle weeding and landscaping goals.

Top: Schefflera Arboricola (Umbrella Plant); Narrow Leaf Croton
Bottom: Maranta Leconeura (Red Prayer Plant); Podophyllum (Arrowhead Plant)

Almost daily, Michael relocates these masked visitors who like to dump over flower pots and leave unwanted gifts on the deck.

I wish I could say that my writing is progressing steadily as well. However, the process has slowed down considerably, but hopefully not to a halt. Memories to be included in the retelling of my early childhood, keep popping up, like this photo, circa 1950.

Memorable family moments are a constant. Rebecca started Kindergarten Tuesday and is happy to have her best buddy in the same class.

The next day was her birthday. This little one has become a lovely dancer and is already off to school!

Wednesday, we got up and decided to go to the State Fair, probably encouraged by Free till Three Farmer's Day! And it proved to be a delightful day away.

A few of the things we like to do: 
--check out the cheese sculpture, try a Wisconsin cheese special, and stop at the Dairy Barn for a milkshake before the day is over.

Sorry for the beheaded superhero :-(
--gawk at the winning animals on exhibit, like the largest sow and her dozen pink piglets, as well as the hugest male, 1060 lbs.

--look for friend Marty Price's entries in the ceramics section;

--we often end up in the Pioneer Village, and sit down for a rest to enjoy American folk music.

Several new experiences this year:

--a presentation about the life and contributions of George Rogers Clark by the DNR;

--a Taste of Indiana, a variety of foods (practically a meal's-worth) and interesting facts;

--a great circus as the grand finale.

The talented performers
Another grandson was off to school--Malachi. Sam helped move him back to Grace College on Thursday.

Friday, Hoyt sibling #4 was in the area all the way from Las Vegas. We had the obligatory visit to Ivanhoe's for strawberry shortcakes and a cowabanga. 
A game of Hand and Foot closed the evening--fun for us, but tortuously unlucky for Ivan.

Sharing and catching up conversation continued the next morning at breakfast. And we look forward to more when he returns next week!
These last couple of weeks have brought wonderful brotherly fellowship.

Saturday we ended the week by attending the fun and hilarious performance of Fellowship, especially proud of Kayla's contribution as the "beloved choreographer."

Summer is winding down. How much more fun awaits us?

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  1. That sounds like a fun week! I LOVE that arrangement in the top photo - gorgeous!


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