Tuesday, December 3, 2019


Another 2019-month comes to an end and we are grateful for health and strength to do all that comes each day.
November's sticker art--Venice 
Moriah has surprisingly had more free time lately and suggested we put together a puzzle now as she will be gone during January for an experience abroad. Both previous J-terms we've worked together on a 1000-piece Charles Wysocki Americana.
The problem is that I find puzzles quite addicting. As Thanksgiving drew near, I was in need of an intervention so I could get preparations under way. So the project rested on Moriah's bed a couple days while she was gone for Thanksgiving break. I have to confess to a relapse--the first evening I brought it back upstairs.

We finally finished the puzzle Sunday night after Moriah and her pet hamster came "home."


Tuesday evening was the first open house for the "new" East Central Indiana Robotics team. This walk-through video the night before shows the amazing transformation of the dingy old building.
When I went over in the afternoon to set out refreshments in the reception area, Iwas astounded at the progress even in the last 24 hours. 

Top right: welcoming bling in the front window and some of the numerous trophies
Top left: Caleb and Isaiah giving a tour, explaining the robot to our staunch supporter.
Lower left: Julia, team treasurer explaining the program and application process to potential student.
Lower right: Michael and Gary (woodworking mentor) talking with a very interested new mentor.
The Fall 2019 magazine from my alma mater, the GRACE Story, arrived this week. What a surprise to find this photo in the inner cover. I recognized eight members of the '43-'44 academic year. It is even possible that I was present as well, in utero! Can you pick out my three blood relatives?

Friday we drove up to Winona Lake and surprised Mother as she worked away in the ARTcare studio.

I had ordered sets of cards of Mother's paintings  (8 for $10). They were waiting for me, neatly wrapped packets in red ribbon. 

Top: Seasonal Theme
Bottom: Florals
We then had dinner together with my youngest brother and his new wife, Alan and Raquel.

Wedding pic borrowed from Facebook
Happy selfie with my new sister-in-law
We (Mike, his sister Diane, and I) also stopped at their house on the way home and got to meet Raquel's parents, and then had a tour of Alan's shop. We were impressed with nephew Nicolas' contribution. His design and decorating skills are evident. 

Global Auto reception area wall
Saturday evening was our own Koch family Thanksgiving. We are glad ALL could be present, so grateful for each member and for the love we share.

The younguns: Rebecca, Jude, Zion

Michael exhausted, worked all day; Matt; Karen and Stephan; Jimmy and Sam 
Top left: Malachi and Rebecca playing Mancala
Top right: Destiny and Skye (Kalani in utero)
Lower left: Proud Mama/Nana Leah
Lower right: siblings--Kayla and Skye

So much to be thankful for, including the hardships of the past year, God's presence and goodness always! 
In everything give thanks!

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  1. Oh I am the SAME with puzzles! Used to drive Mike crazy! I see your lovely mother, but I'm not sure I recognize anyone else. I have to admit that pictures of men from back then all look the same to me - ha! I LOVE Alan & Raquel's wedding photo! So pretty! I'm glad he found love again.


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