Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Tis the Season

Advent season has begun. A time of waiting. A time of preparation.
In our home this year, seasonal symbols and decor begin to appear one by one.

At Stephan's Monday evening meal we had fun drawing and coloring a week's worth of ornaments for a Jesse tree.

I finished a program this week and also started something new. For nearly a year I have been involved in InVitATION (INspire VITality And Tranformation In Our Neighborhoods), a program created and led by Taylor University health science professors and students
The need to incorporate movement into our daily schedule is stressed repeatedly. Writing tends toward a very sedentary lifestyle. I am hoping that what I finally started this week, will become a lasting practice, a habit. I walk (or get dropped off part-way) to the Taylor University library carrying my laptop and relevant materials in a nifty new backpack, and spend a couple hours writing. This has been very productive and enjoyable.
The weather this week allowed for the long and pleasant walks. I see interesting things on the way, for example these students enjoying the sunshine. Can you see what the guy is doing?

Once in the library, I am drawn to the various pieces of art. This first one is a fascinating sculpture. Can you see what materials were used? It interested me also because it was created in honor of a community friend when she retired after many years as librarian. 

I found a corner that became my own nook each time, and finally my writing got "unstuck" and I had something to present to my critique group on Friday.

Michael, of course, is still very focused on the robotics shop in Matthews. A second open house on Tuesday, was very well attended and we hope will result in more students for the 2020 team.

Shawn VanNess (team president) giving one family a tour
Mike Koch (lead mentor) talking about the New Year's Eve ball designed and created by team years ago

The rest of the week Michael worked steadily on the still-long to-do list, ticking off one task after another. For example, he installed four ceiling fans that will help distribute the warm air trapped up high in this large warehouse-type building. Thankfully, the heating system is working now in time for winter.

Kayla's days as our tap instructor are coming to an end. Wednesday we had the first of three final performances of the season.

The Dancing Divas at the Senior Activities Center
Taylor University's Silent Night basketball tradition has become very well-known nation-wide. Friday was the day! Each dorm wing chooses a costume theme. Off-campus students like Moriah are adopted by a dorm and participate in all their events and activities. Her wing chose to represent the cleaning crew.
Can you find Moriah?
Saturday afternoon was Zion's postponed celebration for his 10th birthday. He was sick on the earlier date. The delay worked in his favor weather-wise. He wanted to share the amazing "jungle gym" (I don't know if Sam's multi-faceted play structure has a name). I tried one or two of its many features. Kristie climbed the rope. The younguns, of course, had more fun trying out the numerous challenges.
In lieu of birthday cake, Zion requested an ice cream bar. And Sam made cotton candy for everyone.

The grand finale of our week was the now famous performance of the Messiah at the First Mennonite Church in Berne, the home of my maternal ancestors.
First Mennonite Church on the corner (right)

You can see/hear Handel's Hallelujah chorus in the video, but we were there in person!

Find us (if you can) on the end of the second row, right side of the balcony 

And that's only the beginning of this wonderful season of Advent!

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  1. What a lovely week! I think Moriah is the one with the plunger. Or the one in the very back left corner. Or, really, almost any other one - ha!


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