Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Ends and Beginnings

 As cousin Karin's irises in Tennessee faded away, ours in Indiana began to bloom.

Karin's Sunday bouquet
 These are the irises our landscaping crew (three Blakely girls) divided and transplanted last summer.

 Monday evening when we arrived at Steph and Karen's, we saw with delight that we'd be eating outside next to the beautiful pool--lovely weather, delicious meal, and fun conversation.

Tuesday was Michael's birthday, 76 years completed, the beginning of the 77th year. 

I had two appointments that day: the dentist to check on my experience with the partial (not fun); and my last visit to Central Indiana Orthopedics, after six weeks free of boot or brace! As we said goodbye, the doctor and I joked about my annual visits. It was nearly a year ago that we had the tandem accident. I am still dealing with shoulder issues and trying to regain range of motion. I have a massage therapist friend who is treating me. She took a picture of me doing one of my homework exercises.

Both of us are so blessed to have meaningful pursuits that interest us and keep us well occupied each day.
Michael is ever working on some project, researching, learning, designing. and spends a good deal of time at the shop in Matthews. And he really enjoys cooking, to the point that it's best if I stay out of the kitchen. However, he is very happy to have me do the clean up.
Even as I write, I look over and wonder what his latest culinary experiment will be.

The last six weeks I spent so much time sitting in the recliner that I have learned to be more focused on research and writing, to the point that I can't wait to get to my station each day to learn and write more.
This week I was also immersed in watching or listening to messages or shows related to Ravi Zacharias' life and ministry. Friday was the grand finale--his deeply moving memorial service.

Saturday morning (for me, anyway) was  the Zoom reunion for anyone who served on the ship Doulos between 1981 and 1983. Just imagine 70 - 90 people trying to connect online, greet, share news, and pray together. Ever since then the catching up has continued via a Facebook group including many photos. I love this one of a few of us who attended surrounding the beautiful image that symbolizes unity amidst ethnic variety.

Meanwhile Michael was out on the Saturday long ride with his cycling buddies. This time, however, they came through Upland and stopped by for a break. There were two females: Kathy, not young but very strong rider; and Gizmo the puppy.

Rebecca finished Kindergarten.

And here is Skye on his last day at Ivanhoe's. He started a full-time job in heating and cooling.

The end of another week, another one begins full of more life challenges and adventures.

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  1. That top bouquet is gorgeous! (They've all been lovely, but this one really caught my eye). I can't believe Rebecca is going to 1st grade next year! Where has the time gone! And congrats on YOUR graduation - but keep up with your exercises like the good girl I know you to be :)


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