Wednesday, September 23, 2020

A Fun Week--#38

Even though I often forget to take pictures I seem to end up with more than enough to remember and record the happenings of the week. The memorable moments I've overlooked can be described with words. This looking back to recall, reflect, and summarize is a good antiaging exercise, so I have read.
At our age, not a week goes by without news of another passing. Sunday morning I read of Joene Cover's death. She was one of the three veteran missionary ladies that sat at the same table with Mother. I always enjoyed talking to her even though at this stage she could not remember our Argentina connection  nor how I was related to Kathryn.
Our weeks are full, yet measured. Don't let the many photos fool you. We enjoy life with all the opportunities it presents, never too much, always just right. The fact that this blog keeps happening is proof of that.

Monday morning Michael took me to the Amish market in Fountain City as promised. What an impressive array goods for sale--furniture, flowers, food, produce, aisles and aisles of staples, etc. I determined to purchase generously (not my style).
On the way back we stopped at Sam's shop. The timing was perfect, he and Bryce, his new helper, were about to leave to deliver a custom woodworking order.

I still take Leah to her radiation treatments most days. She has two weeks left, is feeling increasingly tired and experiencing some pain. I am so grateful for these times together to share life struggles and joys. Kalani is getting to know me, and will smile and come to me now.

Michael had been planning an overnight solo camping trip. The day finally came Tuesday, He set off in the afternoon for the Bloodroot Trail by Salamonie Lake, By 5:35 PM his campsite was all set up and he sent me a video describing his set up. Later he forwarded more photos than I can possibly share.

He arrived back Wednesday just in time to shower and go to the SAC (Senior Activities Center) for the weekly lunch. That day there was an interesting visitor--a gentleman who travels the US in his truck stopping in towns and cities, as he feels led, to walk around carrying a cross and praying for the community.

In the afternoon Sarah, a YFC (Youth For Christ) worker brought a group of middle school kids she works with. They had a blast going down the zip line, riding the Segway, walking the slack line and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, and chatting. They were a fun group.

Moriah was free to join the fun and help out. Rebecca was here for her first Basics Jr. video-session. This community outreach program (similar to AWANA) is virtual this year. 

The next day a homeschool family came and enjoyed most of the same activities, though their primary purpose was to learn about the bees. Unfortunately, Deidra, the mom, was stung,

Most of my in-between moments were taken up with my current writing project--researching the BMH (Brethren Missionary Herald) archives and summarizing my findings about the mission in Argentina. This time I wrote in Spanish, even though it is much more time-consuming, in order to benefit a greater majority of interested readers.

We had invited friends over for dinner Friday evening to teach them our favorite game and because their kitchen is being remodeled. Michael paid me a high compliment when he asked if I would prepare the meal, saying, "You are better at cooking for company." So I spent most of the day trying out a few Pioneer Woman recipes--Quinoa with Buttery Roasted Vegetables, Venison Tenderloin, and Country Peach Pie. Michael made the bread.

Saturday was moving day for Skye and his little family.  Kalani finally fell asleep before going to his new home, and he slept solidly through the night. An exciting and exhausting day for all involved!

We have enjoyed beautiful weather most of the time, although we've had record cold temperatures for the season. Saturday morning Michael dressed for a 44* F start to his usual long bicycle ride with friends. They went all the way to Greenville, OH, taking off layers as the day warmed,

Meanwhile, I enjoyed an outdoor women's event in the beautiful sunshine.

A comforting reminder from the Creator and Maintainer of the universe, from Isaiah 41:4 

Who makes these things happen? 
Who controls human events?
I do! I am the Lord.
I was there in the beginning;
I will be there at the end.  


  1. Oh how I enjoy looking at your family photos and reading the weeks events. What a treasure You have created for your family Rita Dear. We have been hm from our long trip for a week and trying to fit back into CoVid activities after being quite 'fancy free' for two mo.
    Our time with you and Mike at the lake still stands out as one of the most 'special' happenings. Being treated
    with Mike's amazing bread and honey will always be rememered by Juleen and family. Blessings

  2. That does looks like a fun week! I'm reading The Murmur of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd & the main character was just stung by a bee :) (It is a REALLY good book so far - I'm about halfway through.)


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