Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Week 39

Cousin Karin's Sunday bouquet features her one dahlia blossom, 7" in diameter, as its centerpiece.

The beautiful early autumn weather allowed for concerts in the park, camping, and another picnic.

The Marion Philharmonic Orchestra had to cancel their planned season events, Instead they are offering free outdoor concerts: September, string ensemble; October, marimba. The first one was in our very own Upland Depot Park on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. 

Monday after Leah's radiation treatment, we stopped by Skye and Destiny's new home and loved seeing the boy and his dog adjusting to their new environment. Kalani is well loved and cared for by his humans and his animals!

We are ever grateful for the enjoyment of Monday Night Dinner with Stephan and Karen and whoever else shows up.

Michael finds plenty to do--fix boiler leak, cut wood, relocate bees, bake bread (tomato-basil this week's special), and much more,

Even so, he finds time to get out and enjoy the outdoors in this lovely weather while it lasts. In addition to long bicycle rides, he's really enjoying camping trips. This week he went to the same area as last week, but took a friend along.

While he was gone I went with a friend to another concert in the park--the Taylor University and Indiana Wesleyan chorales in Marion's Matter Park. A wonderful performance, even wearing masks.

A Taylor Music Education major listened to my friend Darlene tell about her husband a long time music professor at TU.

This week our hearts were heavy with the news that the daughter of our former missionary colleagues suffered a brain aneurysm and died after two days. I found a happy memory from over forty years where you can see Karla's smiley eyes.

I got a glimpse of the other occupant of our home wearing her Chic Fil A uniform. Moriah really enjoys her job. She must be having a lighter semester to be able to handle these two late nights a week.

While Michael was out on his long Saturday bike ride, following his example of regular exercise, I walked over three miles to the meeting of Friends of the Library.

In the evening Moriah had a picnic where she invited her senior engineering classmates. Four came and had a good time trying the zip line upside down, then the segway, the slack line, a walk through the woods, and food--hot dogs, hamburgers, smores.

Another full week! So grateful for God's leading and blessing!

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  1. I'm loving Karen's hair. I'm about to get mine cut again - maybe it will look like hers! (Note: it will not look like hers because she has nice thick wavy hair and I.... do not).


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