Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Outdoor Fun

Cousin Karin says her flowers are waning but we'll enjoy them as long as possible. The vanilla strawberry hydrangeas are turning pink and a few zinnias linger.

This week was Fall Break for some of our Muncie kids. Sam planned a getaway for them as a couple and the boys were with us from Monday to Wednesday. When they were dropped off here around noon, they all went down to see another sleeping option, the new pull out couch. They tried it out for a silly family photo. 

That afternoon, Elijah helped grandpa with cutting and stacking wood for winter. Meanwhile the younger two had fun swinging around the tree.

In the evening, we enjoyed Stephan's good food and fun fellowship with a larger group than usual, including Ruby (Elijah's girlfriend) who was able to join us.
After the meal, while we were chatting on and on, the young boys built several Lego vehicles that connect and even came up with a name for their inventive enterprise.

Tuesday after lunch Grandpa and boys left in a car loaded down with camping gear for an overnight experience at Salamonie Reservoir. I think they had a good time enjoying the outdoors. 
Elijah liked his own tent, but was cold in the night, very unusual for him. Nights out camping tend to feel very long, unending.

They arrived back Wednesday in time for our SAC (Senior Activities Center) meal. The after-lunch activity was to sort plastic caps and lids to be made into the park benches still needed for the Upland trail. The boys were very helpful and we easily got through enough to fill two large trash bins. 
When we got back to the house, all either slept or played video games quietly all afternoon. 
When Dad-Sam arrived to pick them up, there was one activity left to do--go down the zipline.

The rest of the week was quiet, restful and somewhat productive. I got back to research and writing, learning about the Bible Coach, specially built and outfitted to carry colporteurs from town to town. I have fond memories of this unique vehicle used for evangelization in Argentina from 1920 to 1956. It promises to be a fun chapter!

Michael keeps plugging away at his many chores to do with wood, bees, house maintenance, helping others. He also packed away all the camping gear and is steadily sorting through the accumulations in his den. (I need to do the same in my area in the loft.)
Long bicycle rides on Saturdays are still on, but start an hour later. This allowed him to attend and help cook for the men's breakfast at church before joining the Muncie riders.

I walked the two-mile trail and stayed for the the first (hopefully annual) Fall Festival at the trailhead. What a surprise to meet up with eight other family members: Stephan and Karen were on their way home from two days away in Pokagon State Park, and most of our Upland kids were there. I was having camera issues, in addition to bright daylight which made it difficult to see what I was capturing on the screen. End result: I missed some great shots and cut off some heads. How many family members can you detect?

Sunday afternoon Michael took me to one of the trails he hiked in an area by Salamonie Lake. We walked over 11,000 steps! Beautiful area!

I've enjoyed a couple watercolor tutorials this week! This one was a favorite.

I discovered a Facebook post featuring Stephan carving a giant pumpkin last week. Glad he was able to enjoy an artistic activity again!

How have you enjoyed outdoor or creative activities this week?


  1. I love that you're able to do so much walking these days! And I love Stephan's pumpkin - reminds me of a face jug :)

  2. So impressed with all of your walking, hiking, painting and Stephen's carving of the pumpkins. He could sell them already carved. We just finished our last jar of Mike's wonderful 'Honey.'

    By the way, your painting of the corn is done so well, Rita. You really are talented!

    Hugs across the miles,
    karen kay


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