Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Week 40

I wonder how long cousin Karin is able to provide a Sunday bouquet for her church? 

In our area there was a frost advisory early on in the week so I began to bring in the many plants. Relocating them, finding the right spot for each one, is a challenge each year as they grow and multiply throughout the summer. This is the beginning of the houseplant migration.

Sunday, September 27, marked a milestone in our youngest grandson's life. Jude will be eight years-old next week. His heart has been tender toward the things of God. From the time he invited Jesus Christ into his heart, he has been wanting to make this life choice public through baptism. The family learned there would be baptisms that day when they arrived at church!

This was the last week of daily 30" trips to Marion for Leah's 3" radiation treatment. It was also when the skin burns appeared and multiplied. Though painful, Leah's attitude was one of gratitude that her skin had held up that long, and that the end was near!
Indeed, graduation day was Friday!

I will miss those times together sharing about our days. And will have fewer opportunities to see Kalani. We stopped by the kids' place a couple times on our way. On one occasion, "little man" (as Leah calls him) was waking up and just stared at Nana and then abuela, and back and forth. I had labeled this pic "Sleepyhead and His Sweet Mama." Destiny corrected me, "struggling mama" she said. How many of you remember those demanding days with little ones?

This week was my alma mater, Grace College and Seminary's 2020 Stay-coming, Throughout the week we could watch interesting videos highlighting programs, people, and progress. I participated in two events: a virtual 5K, and a 45+ Year Class Reunion Zoom meeting.

Wednesday, a writer-friend joined me for an enjoyable walk/jog 5K. Notice, I am wearing Grace colors!

I have no photos of the Zoom meeting, only good memories of faces and stories, new and old, and praise to God for all that He has been doing through the many lives impacted by the training we received at Grace.

Michael is making the most of the Autumn weather and extra time before robotics starts back up. He went camping twice this week! Wednesday, another solo hike to Salamonie's primitive camp sites, same trail as last week. He loves being out in nature but was surprised to find out that he quite enjoys the solitude as well.

Meanwhile, I went to Elijah's last soccer game, watched him for awhile, chatted with Sam, and then left early. We were increasingly cold as the sun went down,

Thursday, Rebecca came over to watch the Basics Jr. Bible story video and work on the activities together. We practiced the theme verse and framed it.

Michael's second overnight camping was with a church group, 13 men and boys. He cooked their Saturday morning breakfast.

Saturday morning I walked the Upland Greenway trail and enjoyed the weather and the variety of wild flowers.

"Autumn. . . the year's last, 
loveliest smile."
William Cullen Bryant, nature poet and long time editor of the New York Evening Post

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  1. I love those wildflowers in your last picture - they always make me smile when I see them!

    Congrats to Leah for making it through those treatments! And to her Mama for taking her to them.


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