Monday, June 30, 2008

Grandma Camp--Day Two

Few and precious are the moments alone, but enough to get ready for the next act.

No sooner was I off the computer, a quick look at any incoming messages, when the big boys came upstairs and began to play dodgeball.

But soon all were up and eating breakfast.

After that the best part of the day--Bible time. We read I Kings 3:4-15, the story of young king Solomon when God asked him in a dream "What would you like me to give you?" (When asked for their response, Skye said a four wheeler and Malachi wished for a good day at the lake.) Each read a verse in turn and we all gained much from the discussion and acting out the story. Here Skye "Solomon" having his dream.
After chores, the activity of the morning was a scavenger hunt in the woods, planned by Kayla.

They set out in teams: the big boys on one, and Kayla and Elijah on the other.
Surprisingly they both arrived back at the same time! Elijah ran the whole time and kept up!

So it was a tie!
And all got treats. Next we went to Taylor Lake for a picnic lunch and a couple hours of water fun.

Then a very needed R & R and serious nap time before going to Stephan's Monday Meal.

This is when the trouble began. Elijah began to miss Daddy and Mommy and cry. At the meal he was distracted by the many children present and they played happily. But soon after the homesickness returned and he had trouble falling asleep.

Will we make it through a week???

And what will we do tomorrow? Taylor Lake again? What else?

More importantly I ask myself at this juncture in my life, if God were asking me "What would you like me to give you?" what would my answer be???

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Grandma Camp

Years ago I read about grandparents that invited their grandkids for a week in the summer and carefully planned for their special time together.
This year it just happened. Sam and Kristie are gone to Cornerstone and we have the boys for the week. So why not turn it into a camp-like experience with all four grands. Malachi and Skye experienced their first Miracle Camp earlier this summer, so we will try to follow some of the routines they are familiar with: the Early Show, a devotional time in the morning after breakfast; R & R, which here means Rest and Read; chores, activities and free time.
Today being Sunday, we all went to church and Sunday School. All enjoyed the lesson and fun time. Skye wants to come back next Sunday.
As soon as we walked in after church, the aroma of ribs and potatoes wafted from the oven. Chores went smoothly: the big boys emptied the dishwasher and Kayla and Elijah set the table.
And after the delicious meal it was time for R & R. Skye and Malachi surprised us by reading quietly for more than the required time, and staying in the hammocks set up in the solarium for over an hour! And they had chosen rather challenging chapter books and were able to summarize what they read.

The one who needed to sleep, did in fact have a good nap. Kayla, 16, can be her own boss and is such a help with Elijah.
The afternoon planned activity was the matinee movie and popcorn at Alex Theatre--Wall E complete with a free limited edition of Wall E watches for all children under 12! Lines were long and the place was crowded. It was great fun.
Pizza for supper, hide and seek, showers, stories and now it's bed time. So far so good.
Oh, a few accidents: some broken vases (not the most special ones) and the Christmas tree that was stored in the solarium where the hammocks are, fell twice so we packed it away; and water spilled on the carpet.