Sunday, July 29, 2012

From TN to MWW12

Last Sunday we were enjoying family and fun on a mini-vacation in Tennessee--loads of photos to choose from. Today, Saturday, was the end of the three-day Midwest Writers Workshop I attended. I'd say it was another very full week.

We visited the largest tree house in the world in Crossville, TN.

The inside is a labyrinth of stairs, spaces, structures and in the center a chapel of sorts.

From the 7th or 8th level you look out on a design created in the field of grass.

An unusual family photo:

That was Sunday morning. In the afternoon I stayed with Zion as he napped (and worked on my  blog post) while the others hiked and explored the awesome Ozone Falls. Kayla took my camera and got many more wonderful photos than I can include here.

Monday three of us had agreed to start the day with a run. It was beautiful. Great fun to jog with my DILs!

We all spent four hours on a pontoon swimming, fishing (nada), eating, enjoying one another, and getting sun burned!

One last game

Tuesday was travel day, the end of a wonderful family vacation.

In our car we were riveted listening to C.S.Lewis' The Last Battle.

Wednesday was the only day at home to catch up, write the missionary report, prepare for the writers conference, and go to the farewell dinner for the three Basque girls that spent a month in our community.

Alazne, María, Ana
Thursday through Saturday I attended the Midwest Writers Workshop in Muncie. I left home every morning around 7:30 and got back after 9 p.m., a very intense and worthwhile time of learning together and meeting some neat people.

Michael says he got more done in his pottery studio when I was gone, ha! Saturday, however, he left long before I did to help out with the Great Greenway Tour that his cycling club runs every year.

O'dark thirty

Monday, July 23, 2012

Desert Wanderings

I decided to begin the 2012 Art Pilgrimage reflections similar to what I did with the 2009 Cornerstone Burning Brush experience. I posted one art piece per week and then commented on it a few days later including feedback received.
Before leaving for the festival this year I had the 2009 posts slurped and gathered into a book using Blog2Print. The printed copy arrived just in time to take along to the festival. It was fun to share it with the art critic who led the pilgrimage again this year. Go here to see her and the recycled mosaic she entered that year. Then, if you feel inclined, come back and comment on the theme for this year's art walk and her latest piece shown above.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Summer Fun

Another fun-filled week. However, Sunday, the day of rest,  slipped away without leaving any photographic record.
I have admired the unknown vine that grows at the foot of the tree sculpture and do have an old photo, so here it is.

Monday I met with a missionary friend for coffee. We sat outside at Payne's in a cozy cushioned cove.

Then we heard a worried miaow. Behind the couch we saw mamma cat feeding five little ones.

Not long after, she carried them one by one to a safer place.

After Monday dinner, the grandboys came back with us to spend the night.

Tuesday morning we had a family favorite breakfast, which we always called Swedish pancakes another name for crepes. What a treat with ripe, juicy, local peaches and pecan syrup!

We took the boys to the Splash House. I was so busy running after Zion that I did not get even one photo.

In the evening, we had a very American experience, a first for me--a baseball game at Victory Field.

The view from our vantage point

Wednesday, another first, at least for 2012--I started jogging again! Michael faithfully runs every other day and I decided to join him for part of the way. I'd like to participate in our town's first 5k in September. Let the training begin!
On the side of the road we found a wounded hawk. Mike called Kayla and she rushed over to rescue the bird. They had no trouble picking it up. She took it to the vet of the hawk sanctuary in Fort Wayne where it currently resides.

George, the Cooper Hawk
Our tandem date did not allow for even one cool shadow picture, only dark clouds, and an unexpected downpour. According to the radar the rain was supposed to miss us.

After an extended breakfast at Cracker Barrell we made our way back in gentler warm rain.

We spent the afternoon watching a stage of the Tour de France traversing the area in the Pyrenees where our guys rode in 2010.

I stood at that very intersection by the church for hours watching and waiting for Mike to descend the Col de Tourmalet--many great memories!

Friday we prepared for our family three-day vacation in Tennessee, glad for a bit more rain that will keep our garden alive while we are away. With all the planning and packing, no pics.

Saturday--the big day! We arrived at the time share in the afternoon and began exploring our new surroundings...

...before sitting down to a delicious meal.

So, here we are in Crossville, TN, enjoying some of what this area has to offer.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Fun + Rain!!!

Heavy downpours this evening after the long drought. Will it be enough?

Last Sunday we said goodbye to Cornerstone. For a recap of that wonderful last week, go here [].

We spent the morning tearing down and packing up.
Then, a rather lengthy photo session before we got on the road around noon.

Getting shots of the whole group was trickier. I did not attempt it.

Run and take your place, only ten seconds!

By evening we rolled into Indiana.

Mike was off early to the Red Barn for a pottery throwing session with the visiting Basque students.

July 9th has special significance on two counts: Argentine Independence Day and also Leah's adopted brithday.

I dug out my ancient, tattered, brittle musical score and played the Argentine national anthem.

Later in the day Leah brought us each hand made "Happy-You-Got-Me-Day"cards.

The poem she wrote read:

This is the day God got in the way
stepped into a baby's destiny
and gave her a special family
handed an already tiny broken heart
a brand new loving start.

Tuesday: hair appointment and visits to SIL and daughter in Marion, and more. Always like to make good use of gas money by combining errands. Leah and I had fun working a crossword together, and completing it! I admired all her new plant shoots.

Wednesday, and most days we've been back, Michael has enjoyed working on his latest sculpture--a lovely dancing pose.

She now has flowing hair and awaits being bisque fired in the kiln.

Thursday we took off early on the tandem to a new breakfast destination and then on to Muncie, 22+ miles, to son's house to pick up our car they had borrowed. You must know they supplement their income buying and selling vehicles, so on occasion they are out one.

Guess who welcomed us when we got there...

Friday--lovely guests, a new pastor and family. Kayla stopped by and the small children were fascinated by her puppy and the cat.

That brings me to Saturday. We have so enjoyed local summer events. I entered a pie contest and community Pie Pitch-in at Victory Acres--Koch's Kale Kiche, and won second place in the savory category.

DIL won first place in Gluten Free.

Kristie wearing the vintage apron she won.

Notice the dark clouds. Off and on during this outdoor event we were blessed with very heavy downpours!
We've had no rain for so long that no one minded rushing into the shelter or even getting wet.

The music was delightful, the sun shone through at times, and I was totally surprised to see an Ecuadorian friend. What a fun evening!

María, leader of the English learners from Ecuador

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cornerstone Music Festival!

What a week: extreme heat; wonderful fellowship; inspirational music; good workshops; relaxing moments; new friends; experiencing the arts and God's creation. Too many photos to share all. I will let my blog title help me choose and stick with Meemaw Moments.

Monday was packing and leaving-everything-in-readiness-at-home day, which included showing Kayla how to keep the flowers and garden watered.  

When we got back the hydrangea (right) was blooming, the weed unknown plant in middle front was much taller.

Tuesday was travel day. We had one almost serious mishap. One of the bicycles on the back of the truck fell off and was dragging, barely hanging on. Leah was following, alarmed. Skye called. Mike had to dig the phone out of his pocket and hand it to me. By then parts of the handlebar and the seat had rubbed off on the highway. 

Surveying the damage and reloading and attaching the bikes
Damaged end of handlebar
Elijah traveled with grandpa and grandma two days ahead of his family and got to do extra fun things.
  Wednesday he tried every possible activity in the Art tent.

I took the young folk to the beach in an attempt to cool off.

Leah was our campsite decorator. Notice tablecloth, hanging lanterns and beads...

 ...and her lovely bed covering.

Elijah had a friend his age to play with the whole time.

Thursday the other half of our little community arrived making our campsite complete.

The six young teens hung out till late at night...

...and so did the adults.

Everyone enjoyed a variety of music concerts, even Zion.

One of our family favorites was Josh Garrells, Saturday night, the finale of the twenty-ninth and last festival,

...just before the very meaningful closing ceremony, emotional and sad for many.