Sunday, July 29, 2012

From TN to MWW12

Last Sunday we were enjoying family and fun on a mini-vacation in Tennessee--loads of photos to choose from. Today, Saturday, was the end of the three-day Midwest Writers Workshop I attended. I'd say it was another very full week.

We visited the largest tree house in the world in Crossville, TN.

The inside is a labyrinth of stairs, spaces, structures and in the center a chapel of sorts.

From the 7th or 8th level you look out on a design created in the field of grass.

An unusual family photo:

That was Sunday morning. In the afternoon I stayed with Zion as he napped (and worked on my  blog post) while the others hiked and explored the awesome Ozone Falls. Kayla took my camera and got many more wonderful photos than I can include here.

Monday three of us had agreed to start the day with a run. It was beautiful. Great fun to jog with my DILs!

We all spent four hours on a pontoon swimming, fishing (nada), eating, enjoying one another, and getting sun burned!

One last game

Tuesday was travel day, the end of a wonderful family vacation.

In our car we were riveted listening to C.S.Lewis' The Last Battle.

Wednesday was the only day at home to catch up, write the missionary report, prepare for the writers conference, and go to the farewell dinner for the three Basque girls that spent a month in our community.

Alazne, MarĂ­a, Ana
Thursday through Saturday I attended the Midwest Writers Workshop in Muncie. I left home every morning around 7:30 and got back after 9 p.m., a very intense and worthwhile time of learning together and meeting some neat people.

Michael says he got more done in his pottery studio when I was gone, ha! Saturday, however, he left long before I did to help out with the Great Greenway Tour that his cycling club runs every year.

O'dark thirty


Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

looks like your week was as busy as nice that you guys were able to have a family vacation.

Kim said...

What fun! I love the idea of a family vacation :)

Would love to hear more about the writer's conference.

As you say, a very full week!

The Bug said...

Love the idea of the family vacation. We should try that sometime...

Wow that's an intense workshop! LOL at Mike saying he got more done while you were gone - I always get more done when MY Mike is gone. After all, what else is there to do? :)