Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cornerstone Music Festival!

What a week: extreme heat; wonderful fellowship; inspirational music; good workshops; relaxing moments; new friends; experiencing the arts and God's creation. Too many photos to share all. I will let my blog title help me choose and stick with Meemaw Moments.

Monday was packing and leaving-everything-in-readiness-at-home day, which included showing Kayla how to keep the flowers and garden watered.  

When we got back the hydrangea (right) was blooming, the weed unknown plant in middle front was much taller.

Tuesday was travel day. We had one almost serious mishap. One of the bicycles on the back of the truck fell off and was dragging, barely hanging on. Leah was following, alarmed. Skye called. Mike had to dig the phone out of his pocket and hand it to me. By then parts of the handlebar and the seat had rubbed off on the highway. 

Surveying the damage and reloading and attaching the bikes
Damaged end of handlebar
Elijah traveled with grandpa and grandma two days ahead of his family and got to do extra fun things.
  Wednesday he tried every possible activity in the Art tent.

I took the young folk to the beach in an attempt to cool off.

Leah was our campsite decorator. Notice tablecloth, hanging lanterns and beads...

 ...and her lovely bed covering.

Elijah had a friend his age to play with the whole time.

Thursday the other half of our little community arrived making our campsite complete.

The six young teens hung out till late at night...

...and so did the adults.

Everyone enjoyed a variety of music concerts, even Zion.

One of our family favorites was Josh Garrells, Saturday night, the finale of the twenty-ninth and last festival,

...just before the very meaningful closing ceremony, emotional and sad for many.


sara said...

looks like a great week! I sure miss camping!

Kim said...

What a fun week! I love that you could do it as a family :)

oldfangled said...

I'm glad you had a good time! I must admit, though, that I'm still glad I stayed and got to be in air conditioning when the temperatures were around 105.

Karen said...

I'm glad you all had a good time! I must admit, though, that I'm still glad I stayed back and got to be in air conditioning while the temperatures were around 105.


This looked like a wonderful week. i am glad you got to be part of it.

The Bug said...

Looks like a great time! But I'm sure it was HOT. I'll be curious to hear why it was the last festival...

j.sauer said...

I would love to have been there that last night! I'm sure it was very moving.