Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Fun + Rain!!!

Heavy downpours this evening after the long drought. Will it be enough?

Last Sunday we said goodbye to Cornerstone. For a recap of that wonderful last week, go here [].

We spent the morning tearing down and packing up.
Then, a rather lengthy photo session before we got on the road around noon.

Getting shots of the whole group was trickier. I did not attempt it.

Run and take your place, only ten seconds!

By evening we rolled into Indiana.

Mike was off early to the Red Barn for a pottery throwing session with the visiting Basque students.

July 9th has special significance on two counts: Argentine Independence Day and also Leah's adopted brithday.

I dug out my ancient, tattered, brittle musical score and played the Argentine national anthem.

Later in the day Leah brought us each hand made "Happy-You-Got-Me-Day"cards.

The poem she wrote read:

This is the day God got in the way
stepped into a baby's destiny
and gave her a special family
handed an already tiny broken heart
a brand new loving start.

Tuesday: hair appointment and visits to SIL and daughter in Marion, and more. Always like to make good use of gas money by combining errands. Leah and I had fun working a crossword together, and completing it! I admired all her new plant shoots.

Wednesday, and most days we've been back, Michael has enjoyed working on his latest sculpture--a lovely dancing pose.

She now has flowing hair and awaits being bisque fired in the kiln.

Thursday we took off early on the tandem to a new breakfast destination and then on to Muncie, 22+ miles, to son's house to pick up our car they had borrowed. You must know they supplement their income buying and selling vehicles, so on occasion they are out one.

Guess who welcomed us when we got there...

Friday--lovely guests, a new pastor and family. Kayla stopped by and the small children were fascinated by her puppy and the cat.

That brings me to Saturday. We have so enjoyed local summer events. I entered a pie contest and community Pie Pitch-in at Victory Acres--Koch's Kale Kiche, and won second place in the savory category.

DIL won first place in Gluten Free.

Kristie wearing the vintage apron she won.

Notice the dark clouds. Off and on during this outdoor event we were blessed with very heavy downpours!
We've had no rain for so long that no one minded rushing into the shelter or even getting wet.

The music was delightful, the sun shone through at times, and I was totally surprised to see an Ecuadorian friend. What a fun evening!

MarĂ­a, leader of the English learners from Ecuador


Kim said...

Another full week for you! You'll have to share your recipe for the savory pie -- looks yummy!

Mike's latest sculpture is looking beautiful.

It's always fun to see the tandem shadow photos. I really think you need to have one blown up and framed!

Have a great week :)

oldfangled said...

I love Leah's poem! Looks like you had a fun week.

Cotehele said...

How do you pack so much into one week? Happy-you-got-me cards is so creative and very sweet. No doubt it goes both ways. You are blessed. We did not get any significant rain yesterday-the rain clouds were always to the east at your house! haha

Bill and Mavis ride on the weekends. He is happy to have another person along on the ride.

Have a great week.


sara said...

your kale quiche sounds so yummy!!!

can't wait to see mike's newest sculpture....let's see..maybe in a month?!!!

The Bug said...

I got teary-eyed at Leah's card & poem - so sweet. I love the tandem photos too - I agree with Kim that you should get one blown up & framed :)

LuAnn said...

Your Quiche looks fab.

Your crazy week makes my head spin.


The pie looked yummy. The apron was so cute. I love old/new aprons. hope your week is wonderful this week and you bring to the table more amazing photosw of your life.