Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Fun

Friends, family, flowers, fun, Fall, 1FunFarm.....hmmmmm everything starts with F!

I will hence try to avoid beginning a word with that letter. Is it possible?

Sunday we were invited to Dane and Laurie's after church. He prepared a delicious potato soup and chili meal. We wanted to discuss next summer's bicycle tour of the Basque Country.

Throughout the week some exciting planning details came together.

In the afternoon we got to see baby Jude again.

In the evening a Spanish student of years back and her husband and baby arrived to spend a couple days.

Mike left Monday morning very early to meet his brother in Illinois and then drive out to Idaho together--the annual Koch-men hunting time.

At Chef-son's meal, yet another opportunity to admire baby Jude.

Tuesday morning the Whitneys left. Hopefully they will be through again before they head back to China.

Wednesday last year's Blog2Print book arrived. It is much thicker than the 2008 book. Now I must work on the volumes of the two in-between years.

Thursday, after hair appointment, Diane and I ate out, enjoyed a drive on such a beautiful day and stopped at the Unorganized Bookstore. The owner was drinking mate. I commented that I'd just bought some yerba (the tea leaves) but had lost or misplaced the bombilla (metal straw). He had an extra one and gave it to me!

Two simple pleasures: mate and a potted gerbera
On TGIF day I was invited to a performance by world class hoofer, tap dancer, Savion Glover.

Saturday I picked up three grandsons and kept them over the weekend.

On the hay wagon

Entering the corn maze

In our woods

We had two very warm days this week and then the temperature dropped considerably.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meetings and More

All the monthly meetings happen in the same week! If you add in regular exercise routines and Bible studies, it makes for a full week.

Sunday was especially busy when several responsibilities piled up related to Missions Sunday, Junior Worship, or college Sunday School class.
In an effort to mix and mingle with the students, Pastor Dan invites all to their home for s'mores by the fire. This time the rainy weather drove us indoors. One of the other couples brought this home made bread.

How do you like the decoration? Sprinkle flour on the paper towel used after proofing, that's what you get.

Most of the week Mike has been throwing and glazing pieces to sell at the craft sale. He will not be here, so Leah and I will manage his for him. It is the annual Koch-men hunting vacation in Idaho.

The strong winds and fall rains have brought the leaves down and now I can keep an eye on the driveway from the big window above my desk .

 Kayla's extra tap shoes fit me perfectly, so Wednesday I had my first tap dance lesson.

Is the teacher laughing at me?
Thursday was a day set aside for a date in Indianapolis. We had a Groupon deal: popcorn, drinks and The Arctic, an IMAX feature.

After that we leisurely walked through the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art.
Found some ideas for the DIL: a umbilical cord cradle ornament and a cradleboard.

I know the daughter would enjoy this fashion progression display.

I worked on arranging the pottery display area. I do hope we can sell or give away a lot so the master potter can continue doing what he enjoys.

Saturday I saw these contented kittens at Victory Acres farmer's market.

Mike was away all day with the robotics team competing at their first event. And I spent most of the day doing necessary cleaning and readying for overnight guests arriving tonight, Sunday--a former student from years ago!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Extreme Excitement

You've heard of extreme sports, extreme makeovers...
Could a week contain more extreme events and emotions? I doubt it.

Sunday we celebrated our oldest grandchild's 21st birthday! We so enjoy getting together as a family!
Kayla's meal request was our famous fondue meal. I was so busy acting the hostess role that I seriously neglected my photography. I managed only one picture, and that was part way through the dinner.

Thankfully Mike got a few during the birthday song, but not soon enough to catch the cluster of candles lighting the cake. Oh, well...

We were all very aware that our new baby could arrive any day. No one more so than Kristie, however!

Monday the call came, "My water broke. It's time!" I was privileged to witness this delivery, an all-natural water birth. All went beautifully. Kristie said it was the easiest and best so far (this was number four).
"Welcome, baby!"

"You are so beautiful!"

"I love you so much!"
"Are you my mother?"

Delighted Daddy

Big brother Malachi

Middle brother Elijah
Tuesday Grandma Debby, my consuegra, and I took the siblings to the hospital for a second visit. Little brother Zion had his turn to welcome baby brother Jude.

It was so sweet and we were so happy about the bonding moment that we didn't worry about the kisses and touching. However, Wednesday, when Zion woke up with a fever we became concerned. I had spent the night with them, taking over for the other grandma. By afternoon he was worse, so Daddy came home and took him to the doctor. Whatever it was, it passed and by evening it was good to see him moving around, even climbing up on his brother's bunk.

Even though it was past bedtime, no one missed baby's homecoming that night.

Jude River
"Welcome home, Jude!"

Thursday was a quiet day at home for me. Visiting missionary friends stopped by for a few minutes.


Friday was a strangely eventful day.  Mike and I went to Elijah's school for grandparents' day.
Right after I took a picture of him with his teacher, he fainted. Of course, everyone was concerned.The nurse, principal, assistant superintendent were there and in the end they called the EMTs. Daddy Sam came as soon as he could.

The next photo is funny and embarrassing. I began to feel light headed so they had us both lying down. Probably sympathetic symptoms.

By afternoon his temperature had gone up and he had a bad headache. Perhaps the same mysterious illness that Zion had earlier in the week. I was just fine, though.

Saturday we took SIL Diane to the Mississinewa1812 , which claims to be America's most exciting Living History Weekend. It truly lives up to that reputation and thousands attend this festival.

Very close to where we were watching the reenactment of the Battle of 1812, we saw one of the first go down. His mother was next to me taking pictures enjoying the event. Diane, on the other hand, didn't care for the loud cannons and wondered what they were going to do with the dead.

It takes the musketeers a year to learn their skills. The horses that enter the battle scene take much longer to train.

 We enjoy this Potawotomi story teller every time.

I have many more photos, but these will have to do for one post.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Fun

Sunday, a week ago, we were in Dahlonega, GA, the same place where Mike had a serious bicycle accident (April, 2004) that landed him in the hospital for ten days. Obviously it did not keep him from getting on the bike again after the long recovery period. This was his third participation in the  6 Gap Century and 3 Gap 50.

Before the 3 Gap 50 (8:30 a.m.)

After the 3 Gap (2:30 p.m.)
 Mike rode with Terri while Brian, her husband, took the longer challenge.

After the 6 Gap

Monday we were still on the road most of the day. The riders were too tired to drive through the night Sunday so we overnighted in Knoxville, TN. We so enjoyed the many hours of sharing life stories.
Mike reminisced about the accident eight years ago. He was told later that the first person to stop while waiting for help to arrive, was a doctor whose words greatly encouraged the anxious friends, "He's gonna make it." Another good person who stopped by was a nun who anointed him with oil and prayed.

We arrived home in the afternoon minutes before Mike took off for his pottery lessons at the Red Barn.
It was delightful to find several lovely fall decorative arrangements. The daughter had been there!

Tuesday Mike was very busy most of the day preparing for a presentation at the second robotics session of the season.
For me it was catch-up day on many fronts, among them dealing with the accumulated vegetables from the Victory Acres distribution.
I can't even name all the different types of peppers and am still trying to learn how to use or preserve them.

I also went back to water aerobics and daughter Leah joined me!

Wednesday Kayla started teaching a tap dance class for more mature ladies. I dropped by to check it out after my exercise class.

She says she has tap shoes that would fit me and invited me to join. I think I will try it!

Thursday appeared to be the only non-rainy day we'd have so in the morning I worked on repotting plants that needed to be brought in for the winter.
I noticed that the petunias in the the window boxes died away but the other flowers came alive.

Mike was busy all day packing and preparing to participate in the annual Arts Walk in downtown Muncie.
We set up three tables under an open tent with lights. It was the grand opening of Canan Commons. All vendors on that square were part of the YART Sale. Because we were the only ones with lights, we had a growing flow of customers as darkness fell.

We were close to the stage and enjoyed great music and entertainment into the evening.

Friday was Kayla's birthday reminding me of 21 years ago when I witnessed her delivery and held her for the first time.

Once again I have been invited to be present when grand baby number six arrives. Any day now!

Leah went with me to the last produce distribution. I'm kinda sad to see it end. However, the drastic temperature changes and the Fall colors make it clear that change is inevitable.
We had fun 'personifying' one very odd sweet potato.

Saturday dawned very cold, but bright and sunny and Mr. Sweet Potato sat on the window sill making me smile.

It got down below freezing here. What about in your neck of the woods?