Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Fun

Friends, family, flowers, fun, Fall, 1FunFarm.....hmmmmm everything starts with F!

I will hence try to avoid beginning a word with that letter. Is it possible?

Sunday we were invited to Dane and Laurie's after church. He prepared a delicious potato soup and chili meal. We wanted to discuss next summer's bicycle tour of the Basque Country.

Throughout the week some exciting planning details came together.

In the afternoon we got to see baby Jude again.

In the evening a Spanish student of years back and her husband and baby arrived to spend a couple days.

Mike left Monday morning very early to meet his brother in Illinois and then drive out to Idaho together--the annual Koch-men hunting time.

At Chef-son's meal, yet another opportunity to admire baby Jude.

Tuesday morning the Whitneys left. Hopefully they will be through again before they head back to China.

Wednesday last year's Blog2Print book arrived. It is much thicker than the 2008 book. Now I must work on the volumes of the two in-between years.

Thursday, after hair appointment, Diane and I ate out, enjoyed a drive on such a beautiful day and stopped at the Unorganized Bookstore. The owner was drinking mate. I commented that I'd just bought some yerba (the tea leaves) but had lost or misplaced the bombilla (metal straw). He had an extra one and gave it to me!

Two simple pleasures: mate and a potted gerbera
On TGIF day I was invited to a performance by world class hoofer, tap dancer, Savion Glover.

Saturday I picked up three grandsons and kept them over the weekend.

On the hay wagon

Entering the corn maze

In our woods

We had two very warm days this week and then the temperature dropped considerably.


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great week, lots of really fun stuff going on!

Is there anything sweeter than a bundled up new born? I think not!



Love the shots this week. The wheat shot is amazing. I am so excited about winning. Thank you for picking me!

Kim said...

Looks like the grandkids had a lot of fun over the weekend :)
Was the bookstore owner from South America? How kind of him to share the bombilla!

The Bug said...

No words starting with "f" - you did it - I checked. Ha. But I think you may have cheated with TGIF. :)

You know, when my Mike goes out of town I use that as an excuse to not do anything. I see that you are NOT like me :)

Love that you got to spend so much time with your grandkids & that cute baby.

momma frans said...

Sweet baby Jude. He's adorable!
You DID have a fun week!
We had a nice cool week last week (50's and 60's), but it went back up to the 80's on Monday. :-/