Sunday, November 4, 2012

Just Keepin' Busy

Last wildflower bouquet of the season
 Another week alone, but keeping busy.
News from Idaho: broken tooth cannot be fixed out there but was filed and no longer cuts into tongue; daily hunt brings in varying numbers of ducks, pheasants, even one goose.

Sunday evening fellowship at Pastor Dan's included a delightful mini-concert by one of the students, as well as warm homemade bread again.

Monday at our exercise class, I just had to take a picture of the person next to me, multitasking. Can you see what she is doing?

Extreme multitasking

Tuesday I spent some time gathering bits of information about Mike's dad, Milton Koch, for Malachi (8th grade) who wanted to talk about his great grandfather for a Day of the Dead presentation.

1929, age 12

It is interesting to compare young and old photos.

Wednesday I wore my simple little mask to the weekly meal at the senior center  and won a free meal for the funniest. It helped that I was the only one in that category!

In the evening I joined in some of the grandkids' fun.

Koch cousins

Lil' Pumpkin
Here's the book I've been listening to all week. Set in World War II times, it got me through a lot of house work on Thursday.

Friday Leah and I tackled the first phase of a secret Christmas  project. That was fun.
Then we went to the Gray Barn and set up our tables for the craft sale the next day.

Saturday we showed up in time to open at 9 a.m.

Leah's painted ornaments did not show up enough. Next time we will have a white tree.

We enjoyed our time together, meeting and talking to so many.


skoots1mom said...

absolutely love that mask...
cutest lil pumpkin ;)

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

I love the picture of you wearing that mask.... too funny!

Have a GREAT week!

momma frans said...

Love the mask!! A well deserved win!

sara said...

looks like a great week!!! I have to tell you that you almost had a visitor this week!! I am missing my boy SO MUCH and was ready to jump in my car this week to come visit....sadly responsibility is keeping me home...ugh!


What a great week it looked like you had. Loved the mask....too cute.

The Bug said...

Lucky Karen! I'm glad she won.

Cute grandkids - especially the little pumpkin :)

Leah's ornaments are really pretty - I think a white tree is a good idea to showcase them.

I assume it's Mike with the broken tooth? Ouch!

Kim said...

Another fun and busy week at the Koch's! :)

I think the multi-tasker was doing something with her phone... texting with someone, or maybe checking her e-mail?

I agree, a white tree would better show her ornaments. They look lovely!