Sunday, November 11, 2012

Home again!

Mike, brother Terry, and nephew Jeff enjoyed their last days together out in the wild before the brothers headed back home. Half way across the country they had vehicle problems and had to wait out several hours of repair work on the truck.
Michael made it back home Friday around 4:30 a.m.

From Idaho with love
You'd think that when hubby was gone I'd take it easy, but it felt like I tried to do more. Every day there was a to-do list. For lack of paper next to my bed, this is what Monday's looked like.

It was good to get away for a nice meal and fellowship in the evening.
It was Auntie Karen's turn to hold and admire baby Jude.

Tuesday evening instead of Bible study at the church it was an evening set aside to socialize--game night at Koch's was the consensus. However, it turned into pizza and non-stop talking. Can you believe we never got around to the games?

Did Wednesday really go by with no photo?

I hadn't seen my friend Viola for way too long, so Thursday I was able to get away and drop in for a brief visit, and I got to meet her helper, Mary.

Mike was back Friday and the day sped by again without even one photo.

Saturday early Michael helped me set up at another craft show and then came back home and slept some more. I do believe he is still catching up from the many early mornings of the past three weeks.

Leah came to help me and this time we had a sprayed tree to show off her ornaments better.

She sat there and kept on painting more of her clay creations.

After packing up we stopped by Kayla's place, only a few blocks away, and enjoyed watching her play with pets Lilly and Moe.

So another week is over, and yet another election day. I feel compelled and committed to pray for our president, his spiritual advisers and all those in government.

November 6th was also important to our family--Samuel's 34th birthday. A few years ago I wrote a special post on that day. A dear friend reminded us this week that when he was struggling through the adolescent years Sam's name was at the top of the Mom's In Touch prayer list. We now look back and praise God for the man he has become. Thank you, ladies, for all your many prayers!


The Bug said...

I'm glad Mike made it home - even though it wasn't without incident.

That tree does amuch better job of showcasing the ornaments - good job!

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Love your to do list on your hand :-)

Baby Jude is adorable!

Love the blue pottery... how did the show go?

skoots1mom said...

i believe they were a little cold out there...
sorry to hear about their having to wait on repairs
you always have such good pics
pretty christmas tree/ornaments


Loved all the gathering shots....and the pottery was pretty amazing looking. I hope the show went well.