Monday, November 26, 2012

Giving Thanks and Decorating

My focus this week was to decorate the house for the Tour of Homes. Upland celebrates its annual Olde Tyme Christmas the first Sunday in December. Last year we were asked repeatedly to participate in one of the favorite events of the festival. With two weeks left, my goal for the first-->decorate, and the second--> clean.
[It's Monday and I haven't started on #2...should I panic? Better get this Project 365 done first!]

So, I dragged all the accumulated Christmas decorations out from the attic into the large space in my loft-library-kid's toys-writing center. (I now have a door that leads into that storage space from my area.]
Next, I let the items speak to me and find their place in the new house, starting with all the Nativity scenes. It's been fun.

Mike was having fun too--early morning hunting, teaching the young how to sculpt faces out of clay... among other things.

Friend Gina makes us a unique clay ornament every year. (Mike was the one who got her started in ceramics and she now has her own little studio.)

Gina's 2012 ornament: "Behold the Lamb"

Remember the "anorexic tree" from last year? Now it sits at the top of the spiral stairs (by the handy dandy door that leads to the attic) and has become the Country-Christmas tree.

We accepted chef-son's invitation to Thanksgiving dinner as I couldn't take time away from the main task of the week. It was a veritable feast of food and fellowship.

Thanksgiving table

Dessert counter

The new member is still the center of attraction.

Jude at 6 weeks

The big tree on the main floor came together nicely. Friday, Leah was here all afternoon offering her exquisite decorating advice. We had a great time together finding the right spot for each style.

Mike and Stephan spent the day processing two of the four deer. (Wednesday, Mike got four with only four shots in the space of half an hour! I have photos but must accept that some readers may not wish to see the process, nor eat the venison.)

Saturday--a double birthday celebration: Malachi 14 on the 21st; and Zion 3 on the 23rd.

Mesmerized by the car-monster truck-stuck-in-the-mud cake
Again, the center of attention seems to be the new little one who is quite alert now.

We also had to survey Sam's handiwork--a remodeled bathroom.

I had better get back to work! Drop by December 2, 1:00-5:00 p.m. to see the results and enjoy some fun community interaction. Our friends, Dane and Laurie, are also involved in the Tour of Homes, along with three other couples. It will be fun to share together in this event.


skoots1mom said...

great pics of the your anorexic tree, too...awesomely redone bathroom
we enjoyed yummy food and time together also
Happy Thanksgiving!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

You are a better woman then me, I would never attempt to be in a Christmas tour of homes.....just the thought send me over the edge!

Great job!


The Bug said...

All that food looks fabulous! We had a six month old at our gathering too :)

Love all your Christmas decorations - especially the new ornament. Precious! I wish I could be there for the open house, but we're driving a longish way to see a friend's daughter in Snow White on Saturday & then have promised to be in Cincinnati Sunday evening - so heading to Indiana would be a bit too much driving :(

Kim said...

I love things like the Parade of Homes -- it satisfies my nosy nature to see inside people's houses :) Good thing I can get my "fix" via the internet now.

The Thanksgiving table looks yummy!

Have a wonderful week and don't stress too much about the house being super the end of Sunday it won't be!

sheri said...

You are so much more ahead of me as the decorating hasn't happened at my house yet.
Isn't it fun to have a brand new child to share the holidays with. Enjoy!

sara said...

I think I would love to be at your son's house for Thanksgiving...I bet the food is amazing!!!

I wish I could come to your tour of homes!!!

btw, are you up for a visitor around the 18-20th? I may be driving up to pick up Jared!