Sunday, November 24, 2013

2013 Week 47: Storms, Spanish guests, squirrels, skateboards . . .

Severe storms swept through the Midwest. We squeezed in a fun dinner with the Six for Kicks group at La Charreada before the serious winds and downpour.

The evening gathering at church was almost called off, but the dark clouds cleared and the sun came out just in time. However, when we returned home a dead tree had fallen across our lane.

I cleaned house all day preparing for the arrival of our overnight guests from Spain.
From the guest bedroom I watched our frequent visiting black squirrel.

Our friends, the Villalbas, who work at L'Arcada, a camp near Girona, arrived in the evening.
They were fascinated by the abundance of ardillas (squirrels) running around our woods.
Sixteen year-old, Miquel, was rather bored until he discovered the the Wii.

They had the Ivanhoes' experience with the obligatory photo with Garfield on Tuesday and another family pic by the spiral staircase before their departure Wednesday morning.

Stephan came out several mornings to go hunting and got to meet our friends, reminisce about his trips to Spain years ago and practice some Spanish.

One afternoon he shot a 6-point buck, more meat for the freezer and Monday night dinners!

Michael became quite sick to his stomach Tuesday night, couldn't remember feeling that miserable before.

We had already made plans for a date-day to Beef and Boards, to see Les Mis. I drove, he rested, and we did really enjoy the amazing performance.

On the way back we drove past son Sam's custom woodworking shop and noticed his truck there so stopped to see what he was up to. His long-time love of skateboarding is taking on new life as he designs and builds skateboards. Hopefully this business will become profitable as well.

On Fridays I join a small writers group that meets at Taylor University in the Science building. I go by a display case where the oven bird nest from Argentina  now lives to benefit generations of students rather than deteriorate on our deck. The nido de hornero  has been in our family for some 50 years.

Two grandsons came to spend the night. We had fun together including a special birthday breakfast for Zion on Saturday--chocolate-peppermint pancakes plus ice cream!

We are having way too much fun. How about you?
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Monday, November 18, 2013

2013 Week 46: Birthdays, snow, art, and more

Sunday we had a couple young ladies over for dinner to help celebrate a birthday.

In the evening, as is our custom every week, we joined the college students' fellowship group at the home of pastor Dan.
I enjoyed singing Spanish lullabies to their baby and I think she liked it too.

Monday went by without a photo. However, we received a newsy e-mail from our friends in the Basque Country. They had run a race and were even filmed for a documentary. I found photos of Edurne on the website.

Tuesday we woke up to snow.

Oops! Looks like I left the aloe plant out too long.

Wednesday I looked up from my desk and caught a glimpse of a colorful streak in the sky. Yes, many hours spent at the computer this week. Family photo calendars are on their way now, and Christmas cards are already here!

Thursday was hair cut day. My hair dresser is so close to SIL Diane's place that we try to plan an outing together before or after my appointment. She wanted to go to IHOP. I think the stuffed French toast she ordered looks very yummy!

If we lived close by, and had the time, I think we would enjoy going to Ball State University's annual international festival--The Amazing Taste. Instead, we are limited to a Facebook photo of Stephan-son's huge ice creation for the occasion.

Mike's art took on another strengthening layer Friday, fine stone this time.

Saturday, Malachi had family and friends over to celebrate his upcoming 15th birthday.
Mom-Kristie did a marvelous job of planning and preparing.

He has been taking the safety course for hunting. Now with this birthday gift he can get started and follow in the tradition of his Koch ancestors.

I just had to add these happy pictures of the little ones.

Another week has flown by and the next one holds no promise of slowing down. I suspect the pace will only accelerate till the end of the year.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

2013 Week 45

Sunday afternoon we attended the Award Ceremony at the Marion Public Library and met some of the other artists. Surprising how much local talent there is.

Swirl-First Place Sculpture Division
Monday, for lack of my own photograph I will use SIL Kim's that I discovered in her Project 365 blog post. We were so privileged to have one last encuentro before Ivan and Kim's departure for Argentina.

Tuesday Mike finished installing the new antenna on the roof.

The leaves have been coming down fast so on one of my drives back from exercise class I captured some trees that still have colorful foliage.

A next door friend invited us to an afternoon coffee to welcome a new neighbor. I had never been to her house and was admiring the view from her window as well as her beautiful plants.

Michael continues to make progress with the lost wax process which requires nine coats of ceramic slurry and stucco before losing the wax!   I don't understand this very well, but am trying to document the steps.

Saturday I was peddling Mike's pottery at the Matthews' Marketplace while he was away at a robotics competition.

Both of us had a good day in our respective roles.
So another week has gone by rather uneventfully and we begin the 7-day cycle again.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

2013 Week 44: More Autumn Fun

Mike did not get back till Thursday night, so last Sunday friends invited me to join them at a restaurant after church. Can you guess which one?

 Because it was Halloween week, I will include a few favorite pictures from daughter Leah's party last Saturday 
and because they didn't make it into Week 43 blog post.
Something you need to know about Leah--she loves to decorate for each holiday and plan parties! 
In her new home she has been able to entertain more and is thriving on it. 
It was a lot of fun to join some of her friends that evening. 

16 year-old Skye is able to have friends over all the time as well, 
and Leah enjoys mothering all the teenagers that show up. 

Grandma Rita was delighted to be with all her grandsons!

 We were all thrilled that Sam and family could make it to the party all the way from Muncie.

I had to get a sibling-pic. I love it!

For lack of a Monday photo of my own, I am stealing borrowing this one Kristie posted on Facebook.

Mike sent a couple photos to represent the hunting adventures in Idaho with brother Terry and nephew Jeff.

Meanwhile I tried to capture the autumn beauty of our surroundings.

I looked out the kitchen window and saw this hawk perched on the old bird house that is falling apart.

Saturday I was so glad to have Michael home and able to join me in selling his pottery at our town's Holiday Arts and Crafts show at the Gray Barn . It was a good day.

And now, do you want to know which pieces won in the Grant County Art Association Fall Fine Art Show?
The answer is ALL of them, in this order:
Swirl, first
Sarah, third
Raindrop and Fantasia, Honorable Mention