Sunday, November 3, 2013

2013 Week 44: More Autumn Fun

Mike did not get back till Thursday night, so last Sunday friends invited me to join them at a restaurant after church. Can you guess which one?

 Because it was Halloween week, I will include a few favorite pictures from daughter Leah's party last Saturday 
and because they didn't make it into Week 43 blog post.
Something you need to know about Leah--she loves to decorate for each holiday and plan parties! 
In her new home she has been able to entertain more and is thriving on it. 
It was a lot of fun to join some of her friends that evening. 

16 year-old Skye is able to have friends over all the time as well, 
and Leah enjoys mothering all the teenagers that show up. 

Grandma Rita was delighted to be with all her grandsons!

 We were all thrilled that Sam and family could make it to the party all the way from Muncie.

I had to get a sibling-pic. I love it!

For lack of a Monday photo of my own, I am stealing borrowing this one Kristie posted on Facebook.

Mike sent a couple photos to represent the hunting adventures in Idaho with brother Terry and nephew Jeff.

Meanwhile I tried to capture the autumn beauty of our surroundings.

I looked out the kitchen window and saw this hawk perched on the old bird house that is falling apart.

Saturday I was so glad to have Michael home and able to join me in selling his pottery at our town's Holiday Arts and Crafts show at the Gray Barn . It was a good day.

And now, do you want to know which pieces won in the Grant County Art Association Fall Fine Art Show?
The answer is ALL of them, in this order:
Swirl, first
Sarah, third
Raindrop and Fantasia, Honorable Mention


The Bug said...

I love your Halloween costume - it's so cool! And Leah's headstone is the best. I think my sister-in-law might steal that idea, but her death would be from raising a teenage girl (her boys were a lot easier) :)

Kimberly Hoyt said...

Cracker Barrel?
Great photo of you and kids at the party :)
Especially like the photo of the trees! Very artistic.
Although I guessed the correct two pieces that won, I had them backward.