Saturday, October 26, 2013

2013 Week 43: Cold weather is here!

Brutus the cat noticed the temperature change and spends more and more time indoors and sleeping!

Where did this interesting bug come from? What is it?

Mike left Monday morning at an unearthly hour, met his brother Terry in Illinois. They drove two days and arrived at nephew Jeffrey's home in Idaho sometime Tuesday. Check out the travel scenery here.

I was on my own to host our Honduran friends Tuesday evening so friend and Spanish teacher Alma joined us for a delightful cena, where Spanish conversation prevailed.

Osman y Suyapa
 Wednesday we woke up to a coating of snow. Time to store some of the deck furniture.

That day Mike learned in a roundabout way that he won first place in the sculpture (ceramics) category of the Grant County Art Association competition. Don't know how he missed being notified. I bought a newspaper and found that he had also placed third. Can you guess which pieces won? Go here to see all four.

Thursday afternoon I was free to tackle a long list of errands. I stopped 12 times. Love it when so much can be accomplished in one trip.
I found a few frames for family photos. Now, the next challenge is to figure out where to hang these and others.

For lack of a Friday photo, I will post Mike's from a week ago when he and a college student made this pie. I think Andrea is helping out some at the Red Barn while he is gone.

As of today, the plants are in and several repotted. Now, where should each one end up, that's the question.

Everything in due time and to every thing there is a season. Sounds like Ecclesiastes.


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Brrrr, I get cold just looking at that photo of the snow -- glad we missed the really cold weather! I'd be just like Brutus :)

That's so cool about Mike winning!

That's a lot of plants to find places for inside! All our plants were dead when we got back :( I'm not sure what we can do in the future to prevent that, other than maybe paying someone to come water on a regular basis. I was especially sad that my hydrangea didn't make it. Oh well.

The Bug said...

We had a bit of snow too - although I never really saw any myself. It was all gone by the time I got home from work (I work 40 miles south, so it was just rainy there).

Love that picture of Stephen & Karen!

I'm going to guess that Sarah was first & Rain Drop was 3rd :)

Amy said...

I'll have to ask my son what kind of bug that is when he wakes up tomorrow. He's great at recognizing critters.

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