Sunday, October 13, 2013

2013 Week 41: Miscellany

This week I began using a different camera. My tiny one was having issues, so I am getting used to a larger better one that Mike was thinking of selling. Bigger, better, will that improve the photography?
Anyway, this week's photos are a mix of old and new cam photos, cell-pics, even some of Mike's shots.

Sunday morning Zion and Elijah were still here until mom and dad came for them. We enjoyed a great meal Mike prepared together with the family.
I could find NO photos for the day, so decided to use one from Saturday which represents Zion's favorite activity when he comes to visit--'ride the wheeler'.

Aunt Leah loves to take her favorite little ones on the ATV
Monday--What? Another day with NO photo?
Okay, so I'm thinking of Ivan and Kim's last day before they leave for Argentina. Look what they bequeathed me? An oven-bird nest--a veritable engineering feat!

El hornero
This mud construct made its way all the way from Argentina. How? I cannot imagine as it weighs a ton! It has been used in many missionary displays and passed on full of loving nostalgia.

Tuesday, October 8th, was littlest grandson's first birthday with sweet memories of witnessing his birth.
On Mike's camera I discovered a whole series he had taken of him a few months ago. This was one of my favorites.

I was needed to pick Skye up from school and take him to his hair appointment. I did not hesitate a minute as I love spending one-on-one time with a grandkid. Had a great conversation with his peluquero as well. His father's last year as a long-time professor at Taylor U was my first as secretary of the department where he taught.
Ah! Finally a photo I actually took that day!

Wednesday,  I completed a major goal for the week--The Last Day in Donosti  blog post.

The photo on the left I took when I visited the Pottery studio at the Red Barn after my exercise class.

Will the real Mike Koch please stand?
The sculpture on the right is the work of an art major having fun. What do you think about the likeness, minus the Einstein-like hair, of course?

Thursday Mike and I went for a walk, exploring our woods. The beautiful fall weather was too gorgeous to pass up such an opportunity. We discovered an area with loads of walnuts on the ground, so we went back with the ATV and picked up several buckets-worth which we then spread out on the deck to dry. (See Monday's photo.)

Friday was Grandparents' Day at Elijah's school. And this time he did not pass out! (Ha! Check last year's post.) Always fun to watch him in the classroom, see samples of his work and hear the music program his grade level performs.

Can you pick him out of the 80 third graders?

On the way home we stopped by the Civil War Days reenactment site in Hartford City, a neighboring town.
We had never been there in all our thirty years in Indiana. It is one of the largest events of its kind. Fascinating, really. Many great conversations with the interpreters of another era. A real learning experience.

The weekend ended with a game of Hand and Foot with good friends.

Of course, our days are filled with many other activities that will remain undocumented.


sara said...

wish I could be there playing hand and foot with you!!!

The Bug said...

Another very full week for you! I think I COULD see Elijah - ha!