Monday, February 17, 2020

Love Week

Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal
For Memory Monday, a timely and appropriate old photo--Nick Roseberry and our son Sam. They were best friends. Nick passed away January 31st. At the viewing Monday, among the many photos, this was the only one of them together. Sam says they did not like to have pictures taken and would usually hide behind their skateboards.

Sam says that he asked him to be his best man, but Nick was too shy to stand up with him. His brother Nils took his place. Here they are twenty plus years later, mourning a deep loss.

Sam and Nils
Sam spent a lot of time with the family during the difficult days of letting Nick go and crafted a very special skateboard in his memory.

Wednesday, Michael surprised me with an early Valentine's gift--a dozen roses! And we joke, "It pays to stay married for 50 years!"

That evening, Rebecca and I stopped at Leah's after Basics Jr. and got to see the crib ready and waiting for baby Kalani, due a month from now.

Valentine's Day we awoke to the beauty of fresh snow . . . and the need to plow.

In the evening, three grandsons came to spend a couple days with us while Sam and Kristie had a work and study related Valentine's getaway. Sam had found a great deal on windows for their house remodeling project in Ohio and Kristie needed to study on the trip for her certification exam coming up.
The boys and I went to the Eastbrook High School basketball game to watch Rebecca in her first cheer leading performance at half time.

The cousins
Saturday we took Elijah to his soccer game in Muncie, and then to robotics on the way back.

At the shop we not only ate lunch with the team, we also got to observe the many different activities.
One kind mentor gave the young boys a lesson on leverage as they tried out the new structure on the playing field.
Somehow, our resident engineering student found time to help out like old times.

Moriah and her brother Caleb working, Elijah watching

We were also very privileged to be there for the presentation of the State House of Representatives Resolution honoring the team. 

Back at home, the younguns enjoyed playing with grandpa's Segway, taking turns riding it or running alongside.

That night, as we waited for members of our household involved in robotics, we watched them via the YouTube Live view cast on our TV screen. Michael's white head and Moriah's reddish hair were easy to spot.

Both mornings Zion chose to prepare his own breakfast eggs. Apparently he enjoys cooking. Perhaps he should apprentice with Uncle Stephan.

Sam and Kristie arrived back Sunday afternoon, and we said goodbye to the boys after three fun-filled days.

Now we are recovering! That's our privilege as grandparents--enjoy them for a while, then send them back home.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

47 - 25 - 13

The kitchen nook where we kept Save the Date and Lighthouse-trip prayer cards, has traded the latter for Moriah's spring semester class schedule. Time moves on.

Birthdays remind us of the unrelenting passing of time. Tuesday was Leah's 47th. However, the big event of the day was a follow-up doctor appointment. Though not the preferred way, I did get one wish for this year--to spend time individually with each family member on their special day. I am very glad to be able to accompany daughter-friend on each step of this journey to better health. She even declared me her new "health care provider." Ha! We are grateful that her blood pressure is now in a normal range.

A favorite photo some years ago
Michael and I were privileged to attend a celebration in Warsaw on Wednesday. I was especially glad that he could go with me to the Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting ceremony for Global Auto, a long overdue recognition of my youngest brother's business.

Chamber president (left) introducing Alan
Chamber and staff members witness the ceremony
The Warsaw Times Union reporter was there beforehand to interview the owner, my brother, whose full name is Norman Alan Hoyt.

The article that came out the next day tells the backstory and also served to advertise the big event--Global Auto Celebrating Anniversary With Car Giveaway planned for the weekend. Read toward the end to learn what the number 13 refers to in the title of this post.

Another article, Global Auto in Warsaw celebrates 25th anniversary, included a photo of a second ceremony that took place upstairs in the auto mechanics training area. 

Bankers presented Alan with $2,000 to purchase two NAPA tool kits for interns

Before heading home, Michael and I visited Mother in nearby Grace Village Health Care, Winona Lake. The residents were gathering for Wednesday afternoon Bingo. I sat with the ladies through one game, then we headed home trying to avoid the coming snow.

Margaret (left) was especially surprised to see us

Thursday was a "newsworthy" day at robotics. A radio reporter and freelance writer interviewed students, mentors, and the team president. I put in a couple hours of cleaning tile floors to make a good impression on these special guests. I doubt they even noticed as the place was buzzing with activity.

So Saturday was the big celebration day for Global Auto.

Having food and a car giveaway really brings out the crowds!

Next to the garage, on the second level, is Resolve Realty, my brother's real estate business, and the automotive technology training center.

Raquel and Alan's corner desks in the real estate office; 7 bays for the cars students work on
Leah's family joined the festivities and dropped off a car for the students to work on--Skye's Sebring.

Skye and Jimmy preparing to tow the Sebring
 I left the party before it was over so I could have lunch with Mother and the ladies at her table. I always enjoy entertaining them a bit. This time we had language fun. Margaret was saying things in Spanish and Bev taught me some phrases in Sango, and we laughed a lot.

The week ended with a Central Asian treat. Moriah brought a honey cake she made with a couple J-term trip friends. Yummy!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

50 years

This is the week of the actual wedding anniversary--January 31, 1970. The celebration has continued all month, it seems. But, hey, a Golden Anniversary is worth it!

A few of the cards that have come in
First let me tell you, because many have asked, that my eye condition is improved, thanks to antibiotic drops and warm-egg wet-cloth compresses.

Memory Monday
I have inherited a large box of Dad's sermon notes, decades-worth. For this week's theme I set aside one, a folded half-sheet titled Bodas de Oro (Golden Wedding). He was asked to speak at don Humberto and wife's celebration. I don't remember or recognize who they were. My brother Lynn would probably know and have stories to add, if only he could whisper them to me from heaven.

Dad considered it a privilege to honor them as they celebrated God's hand upon their lives. His main  points were:
  1. God's hand in bringing them together.
  2. God's protection
  3. God's salvation
  4. God's mercy

The same outline and Bible quotes could apply to our story.

Another Monday note: Stephan made sopapillas for our dinner which reminded us of a popular restaurant years ago in Muncie--One Accord. How many locals remember it, and the flags at each table that went up to signal "We need more sopapillas!" 

Tuesday was an interestingly loooong day. I took Leah to her long-awaited dreaded doctor appointment. From there she was sent to Med Express where they confirmed malignant hypertension and sent her to the ER. She may be smiling in the photo, but the four tell-tale lines on the monitor spoke of the turmoil going on inside. After a complete cardiac workup and repeated attempts to bring down her blood pressure, she was admitted for a 23-hour observation period.

The next day, my younger brother Ivan was passing through after business in the area, so we met at the hospital. We had a nice visit in Leah's room, Michael and Kayla there also.

What, did you think I was his little sister?

The two positives of ending up in the hospital:

  • the efficiency of having many tests in one place, at one time.
  • Dr. S's energetic,entertaining, educational (he had a student present) and thorough analysis of Leah's situation.
One of the hardest aspects of a hospital stay is the waiting. Everything takes f o r e v e r. 
One rough moment was the attempt to draw blood that ended up blowing a vein. 
We finally made it home by evening. Leah has a full schedule just monitoring her blood pressure, taking meds, keeping calm, and scheduling the many next steps in the process of  determining the underlying cause.

"I can't wait to get home!"
That night very late (or was it the next day?) Moriah's team arrived back from their J-term experience abroad. Because it was so late and after so many hours of travel, she crashed here before going home the next day.
She brought back a couple souvenirs: a coaster for Mike, and a sweet little turtle for my collection.

Friday, our 50th wedding anniversary was finally here! However, I was feeling puny all day. We had no special plans, just a quiet day together. Michael, however, went out of his way to make flan desserts. That was very special.

Our family celebration a month ago lingers sweetly in our memory. I think fondly of each member's contribution to the special event, and also the letters and many congratulatory messages from friends all over the world. 

One blessing-in-disguise of these weeks of being a "robot widow" (as some call it), is more available time on my own. Saturday, with nothing else scheduled, and no plans or emergencies with Leah, I realized I was free to attend friend Dorothy's 85th birthday party. There I met several other people I knew and enjoyed an hour of delightful music.

With Dorothy Schultz and Alma Thiessen

Janet Friesen and Ace Holsinger

Sunday, some family members asked to watch the Superbowl with us. Michael prepared a whole lot of food and we had a fun time. What was your Superbowl experience?

Meanwhile, our hearts are heavy for Sam and Kristie as they grieve the loss of a dear friend and help the family through the ordeal.

Thursday, January 30, 2020


I'm writing this from my daughter's hospital room, which explains why this post is late. But that story belongs in the next blog post. Suffice it to say, she should be discharged soon.

About the week being chronicled here. . . one of the surprise lilies closed up, another beauty opened.
One of my eyes was increasingly irritated, nearly closed, and caused me some distress. I realized how grateful I am for the blessing of eyesight.

Memory Monday:
My alma mater has been posting historic photos all week.
Were you there on that snowy day in 1969 when the entire student body formed a long line from the old library in McClain to Morgan Library, passing boxes of books along until everything was moved? 
Yes, I was, though I may not recognize myself in the lineup!

I've been reading my mother's diary account of their last visit to Argentina, one month mid December - mid January, 1996-1997. This was especially interesting to me for two reasons: at the time they were the age I am now, and I was with them on that trip! So, I went looking for my photo album of that memorable month. Here is a favorite photo--my parents standing in front of their first home in La Carlota, the one I am currently writing about in my memoir.

Here is Mother at age 98 on my visit Tuesday. The many YouTube versions of an old hymn became our dinner music--Day by Day, with such an appropriate message for us all.

Michael found time to hang a couple of gifts this week. An impressive framed relief print depicting St. Francis, who is known for his strong bond with the animals, hangs in our entryway now.

And, the commissioned portrait of us,  given to us for our 50th anniversary, completes the arrangement above the dining room window.

This year my desire is to celebrate each family member's birthday with a together experience. Wednesday I took Elijah out for a shopping trip. We both look forward to that time each year. He is 15 now. I don't know how much longer he will enjoy this kind of birthday celebration. 
Friday, Kayla and I went to Emmens at Ball State University for the Shanghai Ballet performance of
"The Butterfly Lovers." Her birthday was actually back in October, but this is what she had requested.
Can you believe it, both times I forgot to take a picture? I'll blame it on my increasing eye discomfort.
Saturday, then, for lack of photos, I got one of my lonely evening meal. Michael's Saturdays at robotics are twelve hour days. I would've gone to Elijah's birthday "brinner" (breakfast for dinner) but I didn't feel up to it. Mostly I wanted you to see the bees wax candle that kept me company, Matt's creation!

When Michael is at the shop, I can watch the activity in the mechanics end of the shop live streamed via YouTube. Can you find him?

Sunday morning I enjoyed the worship service from home thanks to Livestream, again because of what was going on with my left eye.
Later, however, we did go out on a special date to Fort Wayne--an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse,

and a very special show at the Embassy Theatre.

Have you ever seen this very talented young lady?

It feels like we've been celebrating our anniversary all month long, and the day is not even here yet. Cards and gifts trickle in almost daily. Most of all we marvel at God's gift of love for one another.