Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Last week of summer.

These beautiful blooms planted in July were nearly buried in weeds.  

The lovely Blakely girls, our favorite landscaping crew, weeded and mulched the flower garden by Leah's house last week. Just received pics this week.

I finally picked up last week's paper that had my article.

Jane and I enjoyed our Tuesday morning walk. We explored areas of the Taylor U campus that we had not seen before.

Michael put in long hours at Stephan's every day, and stops at Menard's once or twice a day for more parts.  He is working on the radiant heat control panel at this time. Father and son are focused on the inner workings of the house (heating and plumbing), not pretty or showy, but oh so important!
For more about the ongoing progress on the house, see Karen's weekly blog updates.

My work is to write. In March I began posting two chapters each month--the 1st and 15th are my self-imposed deadlines. Wednesday was the scheduled publication of chapter 14.
The task has become more demanding as I ran out of pre-written chapters, and now my primary source, my parents' letters, has dried up. 

I try to give time each day to the process of furthering the story of my early childhood in Argentina. 
1. Determine scope, content and theme of the chapter.
2. Research the sources, historical context, relevant photos and theme-appropriate Scripture.
3. Compose the narrative, edit and revise.
4. Schedule to publish on My Argentina.
5. Send English version to friend in Argentina for translation.
6. Edit, discuss and come to an agreement on any changes.
7. Post and schedule publication on Mi Argentina querida.

So, at the beginning of the week I was working on steps 6 & 7 for chapter 14. And then began immediately on chapter 15.

Later in the day come the chores--cooking, cleaning, etc. In the evenings when we finally are together, we sit in our favorite recliners, watch Jeopardy and some other show. That's when I knit a few more rows of whatever project is on hand. Eventually, stitch by stitch, there is a finished product. I truly enjoy making something useful out of scraps. This came from a massive pile of tangled yarn I found at the Helping Hand store. Not sure where it will go now. Perhaps to a program that helps out children in foster care.

Can you see what's wrong with this outfit?

Friday was Kristie's birthday. A couple days later we were privileged to visit them in their new house and see two of Sam's pendulum paintings. Wow! He is quite the artist.

Saturday was an adventure-filled day. Michael was going to go bicycling alone. I suggested we go hiking together. I was thinking of the cross-country trail. In an effort to make the adventure comparable to his usual 80 to 100 mile bike rides, he planned a route through our woods, across the road to another woods, to the cross-country trail, then the road to another trail and walk home. I asked how long that would take. What he hadn't counted on was that over the summer the paths he knew were all overgrown. He was leading me into the jungle! When we came out on the first road, we just walked home.
Early afternoon, we had some delightful little visitors. Kalani is fascinated by the wooden duck decoys.

Three grandboys arrived soon after to spend the night. We enjoyed an afternoon of games and fun. 

They stayed back that evening when we went to the wedding of Stephan and Karen's neighbor, Jasmine. For years now she has been a regular at Monday Night Dinner, so we've all become good friends.
The ceremony took place in the front field of Stephan's property. 

The wedding arch; the couple; Boomer, the ring-bearing dog 

We sat next to this lovely lady with the golden hair. The sun shone so bright. Karen's hair glistened like gold.

It was a fun evening. And when we got home, the boys were still alive and awake. Elijah had prepared a tasty egg dish. 

Sunday afternoon, we took the boys home and toured the new house. It was wonderful to spend the afternoon catching up with one another.

The boys brought out the new musical instrument in the family, Zion's trombone. My Dad would've loved this scene.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021


Beauty is all around, changing with the seasons. Here again, a delightful bouquet from Tennessee.

Our weekend was all about the Upland festival--yard sales, food vendors, Saturday rib fest, Sunday chicken noodle dinner, ice cream socials, fire works, a 5k race, and culminating with the Labor Day parade.
I debated long, should I participate in the 5k this year or is it time to give it up. Michael's example of bicycling 80 - 100 miles per week, encouraged me to keep on keeping on as long as physically possible. So, Monday morning I set out early for the annual race. The sunrise was beautiful and the weather perfect. 

Alternating between a run and a walk, I managed to finish in 46'09" and earned a third place medal. However, it was not quite fair in that everyone else was competing with their five-year age range, and I was up against those thirteen years younger in the 65 and above category.

Nevertheless, to push one's self, put one foot in front of the other and hang in there to the end, is a worthwhile experience to empathize with those who go through difficult life circumstances every day.
I was thinking especially of our daughter, who couldn't be there to watch the parade with us like every other year.

My favorite parade entry was that of our church, led by a couple of our pastors. I especially liked the theme: "God is wild about you." One of the hardest concepts to grasp and appropriate is how much God loves us. 

Tuesday, Michael and I walked the trail and were greeted by this beautiful lighted path. I was reminded of a phrase I often hear on the Daily Audio Bible podcast when Brian Hardin welcomes a brand new sparkly, shiny day or week.

Wednesdays, whenever my friend Petey is in town, we meet for coffee and delightful conversation. 

That was the day Michael fell off a small ladder, flat on his back and hit his head, but thankfully had no broken bones nor a concussion. He continues to work almost daily at Stephan's, almost done with the electrical and now mostly on the heating system. The job also requires multiple trips to Menards where he's become a favored customer!

The Matthew's Covered Bridge festival September 10-12, was a good time to promote the robotics club, a few parents, students and mentors took turns there selling some items, showing off one of the robots, and talking to passersby about the program. 

Meanwhile on the mural side of the building there was a tent set up to meet the artist and accept donations to cover the remaining expenses incurred.

Abby Braswell, the artist and designer

A sign explaining the mural

A few pieces of Abby's ceramic art were also displayed there in the tent. These were unique pieces she made for a couple of college courses incorporating Greek mythology and pottery styles of the day. Can you guess which zodiac sign each represents?

Saturday, 9/11, yet another festival! I took Diane to Swayzee Days for her 68th birthday. My new friend, Kate Carpenter--folksinger, songwriter, storyteller--had three gigs scheduled throughout the day. We got to participate in her lively interactive 2:00 o'clock session with these kids pictured here.

In the evening Michael took me to the Covered Bridge Festival. We met a lot a friends and acquaintances amidst the crowds, and had fun visiting with vendors, viewed very much merchandise we could live without.
Only one photo: a sample of pour art, which a good friend had tried to teach me.

Michael got his 100 miles in for the week! The group had an early morning start on the Dam to Dam event.

Did you enjoy any small-town festivals this summer?

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Visits and visitors

Cousin Karin's end-of-August bouquet includes her last gladioli standing proudly for all to enjoy!

As August was coming to an end, we noticed weather changes, relief from stifling heat. But, I don't know if I'm ready for summer to end.

Twice at church, and again during Monday Night Dinner, we enjoyed many stories of God at work in Honduras. Wes and Cindy Williamson lived and worked there for many years. Their four children grew up in Honduras, and are now finding their place as adults in the US.
Interestingly, when Wes was a 17-year-old freshman at Taylor University, he worked with the church youth group and was one of Stephan's leaders. That's where he met the girls' leader, Cindy!

Tuesday was the eagerly awaited overnight visit from Kendra, passing through on her long trip to California to participate in Taylor University's Los Angeles Internship Program for outstanding film and media students.
Moriah, who works from 6 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., was able to join us for dinner. 
Both seen here with strawberry pie instead of our customary shortcake dessert.

Wednesday, bright and early, we said goodbye to Kendra for her days-long trek across the US, Road Atlas in hand. Later that day, a good friend joined her for the rest of the road trip.

Thursday afternoon we visited Moriah's new living situation, a lovely apartment in Indianapolis. And, of course, had a Splendorous evening. But left before her early bedtime. 

She showed off the features of her new furniture, but actually does sleep in her bed at night! 
It was fun to hear about the life of an engineer.

The week was very full. These are only the highlights. 
Michael goes to Stephan and Karen's almost daily, plodding along with all the intricacies of the electrical installation for the new house.
Here is a Spanish homonym question: How many wires are in the circuit breaker box, cincuenta or sin cuenta?

The circuit breaker box

Karen had this lovely photo in her blog of one of the first results of Michael's diligent work--light!

Kalani, an early Saturday morning visitor, was fascinated by these ducks different from the ones he feeds at the Gas City park. The family came to pick up the four-wheeler for the Labor Day weekend festivities.

Shortly after, I left to volunteer at the Helping Hand store with these two ladies. I soon discovered that Ethel, on the right, was Malachi's babysitter, oh so many years ago.

Sunday, after another very full day, we attended a marriage celebration reception for this lovely couple who wed earlier this summer. Christian and his siblings were on the robotics team for a while. Emilee has had a very adventurous life and has been to other countries, including four months or so in Cambodia. They are now working in Bozeman, Montana.

We are very privileged and honored at our age to enjoy relationships with the younger generation.

Vacation, the chapter published this week, led me to think about the theology of rest. We have not had an official getaway this summer, but we do find moments of renewal in the midst of busyness, and are especially grateful for the health we enjoy. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Week 35 Highlights

Sunday, August 22, another Tennessee bouquet to brighten this post. Thank you, Karin!

It was also a very special day for my brother Aldo and his wife Alice--their 50th wedding anniversary!
We couldn't be with them in Denver, CO, so I was very happy to see this photo.

Asha and Joanna, both juniors, had already moved into their dorm and were preparing to welcome new  students during International Orientation. Sunday evening they came back for a special meal and brought another friend from India, Sumana. Moriah came to visit as well. Later that night we welcomed our fourth Indian guest, Amy. 

Asha and Enoch Eicher, Moriah, Mike, Joanna V. and Sumana

Joanna came back to spend the night and welcome her sister Amy into this new world of college, Taylor University and America!

Amy and Joanna Vasudevan

Amy and Enoch could not move to campus until Tuesday, so they went with us to Monday Night Dinner. 
Someone is swimming. Oh, it's Enoch!

Tuesday noon, our last two Indian visitors were welcomed on campus by their older siblings, official IO (International Orientation) greeters. We haven't heard from them since.

Amy, Enoch, Asha, Joanna

Wednesday we were invited to meet up with OM friends from eons ago in Berne. As always, so much reminiscing and catching up, so many stories.

Mike, Rita, Vreni and David Greenlee

Apart from these highlights, our life routines continue--Michael works most days on the electrical installations at Stephan's new house and I on my priorities: WWW (writing, walking and the Word). 
I've been using an app called Seek to identify various plants on my walks. 

It was fun to get away Saturday evening and watch  Elijah (#42) on Greenfield Central's soccer team, beat Yorktown 4-0. However, the sun was very intense!

I had spent much of the day restoring our guest spaces, readying for another visitor.
In Enoch's room I found he'd protected the clay sculpture, I smiled. 

But am sorry to hear of the virus still affecting people here and there. Our youngest grandson had a fever today and tested positive.