Thursday, January 6, 2022

Christmas/New Year

This last week of 2021 led up to our family Christmas/New Years celebration.

I greatly admired the Nativity display at the house where our home group met Sunday, so I borrowed it for the post opener.

The weather was mild all week. I walked a couple times, once to the bridge nearby and was surprised to see how high the river was. 

One of those times I crossed paths with this handsome biker.

Rebecca and I had a delightful day together on Wednesday. She pretty near mastered one of her piano pieces. I played the accompaniment. We had fun.

Thursday, the 30th, the robotics team had a party - a movie and games. I came toward the end and joined in a game of Nerts. Great fun.

All week long the work on Stephan and Karen's new house continued steadily in eager readiness for our family get together Saturday. Here is Karen's summary:  Finishing up kitchen and bathrooms

Despite their state of exhaustion, they welcomed us into their lovely space, still in transition.
I came early with the food I'd worked on for a day and a half, and hung the stockings on the stairs.

The family units arrived one by one. Then the fun began! 
As usual, there was more than enough food. 
This was the second or third time that we I drew names and assigned one to each member. The secret gift-givers presented theirs in turn to the youngest first and in order to the oldest  (guess who).  We all watched and enjoyed each surprise and reaction  Sadly six members were missing.

Then it was game time! We introduced some to a new one, AZUL, and had two games going on at the same time, with Splendor on the other end of the table. After which we all joined in a round of Hand and Foot. Just wish we could do this more often.

Hand and Foot (the table is not really V shaped :-)

This is my Christmas loot. There is a small  . . . . . in the little box on the right, something I collect. Can you fill in the blank?

And now, blessings in the New Year to all my faithful readers and friends!


P.S.: Very seriously considering ending this weekly blog. Don't know if I can, as it's become such a habit.


  1. I'll bet it was a turtle! I would hate to see you go, although I know I can keep up with you on Facebook.

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