Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Anticipating Christmas

 All the preparations for the Big Event we celebrate create eager anticipation, even longing. Christmas greetings coming in and going out - some in the form of cards, and increasingly more via the internet. 

An annual bike ride Michael enjoys is the Luminary, to see the Christmas lights in areas of Indianapolis. He decorated his bicycle for the occasion. There were only seven riders from Muncie who joined hundreds of others. Unfortunately, the people who used to serve hot chocolate and cookies were not there. 

As usual I spent time at my writing desk. This was the view one morning, the moon was still up. The trees are bare now, the weather is very mild for this time of year, and anyone wishing for a white Christmas will be disappointed.

Memories of past Christmases surfaced every day. Here a few favorites from last year. I had forgotten the one representing Mary, Joseph and the baby, which was intended for use as our next Christmas card. Sadly I totally forgot.
Below it you can see how much the babe has grown.

Anticipation took on different aspects. At Stephan and Karen's new house, work accelerated hoping to be ready to host the annual Christmas Eve Brunch and Koch family gift exchange. Read about it here.
If you got all the way through you learned that there was a change of plans. The family event was postponed for a week. The brothers were most definitely sleep deprived working through the night, and their dad spent many hours there as well. The brunch, however, was still on, with one difference - it would be a carry-in instead of the Chef's usual fare.
That's where my hours in the kitchen came in preparing: baked oatmeal, torta pascualina (Argentine spinach pie), Grandma Hoyt's fruit salad, Sharon's sweet potatoes in orange cups. 
So, we had a memorable last brunch in the old house, crowded but cozy and happy. 

I especially enjoyed having the families of our two greats there.

There was also a 16-day-old baby in the crowd. The protective mama allowed Karen the privilege of a few moments. That's when I came up with a question and my camera! She protested, "You can't expect me to answer and take a picture at the same time!" (Sorry, Karen.)

Then there was a tour of the new house to observe the progress and a few family photos outside.

Christmas Day is very different as empty-nesters.  It was a rather quiet time with only Diane here. I confess to feeling depressed. 

I treasured each glimpse into the home celebrations - the old and the new traditions.

Grandma Linda makes pj's for each of the grands every year and that is one gift they open Christmas Eve.

2020                 2021

Kayla's house looks Christmas-card worthy in preparation for the joyful family time. Thank you, Matt, for this snapshot.

On Instagram I followed the household celebrations at Sam and Kristie's and also Malachi and Lexi's.
These beautiful internet gifts ministered to my soul! 

And here's another favorite memory, one of the last Christmases with Mother.

Festivities are not over. The Koch family celebration is now scheduled for New Year's Day! 


  1. I'm sorry you were depressed. It's hard when traditions change and you feel left by the wayside. Although as an introvert I often treasure the few quiet moments I can get during a holiday! By now you've had your family Christmas celebration - I hope it was lovely in every way.

    1. Thank you, Dana Bug! You are a sweet friend. One reason that keeps me blogging--your comments.
      BTW, what do I need to do to make it so others can comment? Some have told me they tried but were rejected or told to Login, but even that did not work.

    2. I'm not sure what the problem is (I just use my blogger account to comment here), but I will say that I have a TERRIBLE time commenting on blogs using my phone or iPad. For some reason I can't stay logged in & when I try it doesn't work. I've tried opening the blog in safari and in my chrome app & sometimes it will work & often it will not. I have the best luck on a desktop computer.


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