Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015 Week 35: Teaching again

It's been a week of beautiful weather, pleasant temperatures, sunshine pouring in the kitchen window, humming birds flitting about, AND at the same time I've been intensely focused on preparing for class each day and keeping up with everything else as usual.
I am gratefully surprised by how well everything came together--a great beginning!

Michael left Monday to attend a workshop in Wisconsin on Tuesday, so I insisted on a goodbye selfie.

After the first class in Muncie, I went directly to Monday Night Meal at Stephan and Karen's. If that were not possible, I probably would have turned down the teaching job.

Fun after-dinner moments
The new teaching schedule does not interfere with my morning walks either!

Tuesday sightings
It's delightful to stop and talk to Debbie, who is also in my tap class! She works so hard to keep the Lightrider grounds and buildings looking good.
Rebecca joined us for part of the walk, very happy and comfy, interacting with us and pulling off her socks.

Mike arrived back after 1 AM and I never woke up. Evenings, after class, I am wiped out. Now I can relate to Karen and other teachers who are at it non-stop for most of the day!

Malachi's milestones this week: he got his license and began driving to school on Wednesday; and was chosen for a major role in the school play!

Photo credit Samuel Koch

Thursday, Kayla and Rebecca left to babysit cousin Jude. I walked only part way, as far as the Communications Arts Center to see the new entry way.

Redone open area, designed to match window above entrance 
Then I parted ways with my friend and jogged back to the car so I could catch a glimpse of preciosa and give them some items to take to Sam's family.
Two Debbie's chatting; Rebecca and Violet ready to travel
Thursday was also a big day for Michael: an appointment with the neurosugeon (goes back next week); stitches taken out of his hand (no more cancer!); and a late night at robotics getting ready for the Family Fest this weekend.

Jared flew in from Arizonain and took the shuttle from Indy airport. I picked him up after class at Cracker Barrell.

Friday morning, after collecting all (or most) of his things and packing his car, he was eager to be off and see his Anderson University friends!

Mike and I had a date night. We went to see the new movie War Room, about spiritual warfare.
Afterwards we had trouble finding the right place to eat--one was too crowded and noisy, another too cold, the next was closing. Finally we settled on Mexican, perfect!

Saturday, as I sit here looking out at the birds, suddenly a big beautiful orange one lands on the hummingbird feeder and figures out there is nothing there for him. I watch and manage one photo between the slats of the window blinds. 

Mike has been pain-free the last two days and even dreamed last night that he was again able to exercise and do anything he wanted. I wonder how his day is going at the Meridian Services Family Fest?
That is where the PhyXTGears' workshop is located. The team members set up a couple robots and some fun activities for the youngsters attending the fest.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

2015 Week34: Reminiscences and changes to come

Still thinking about the many Hoyt relatives after the big wedding Saturday, I went through some photo albums and found this drawing of our house by New Zealand cousin-once-removed, Bevan, from when they visited in 2001.

Sunday evening Stan and Erin returned from their extended time with family after the wedding. We had such a nice visit, viewed all the photos they took and stayed up late playing cards with Erin. She taught us Up the hill and down the hill, and won most games.

Do I detect gloating?

Mike had another cancerous spot removed from his hand on Monday and on Tuesday went back to the dentist. On the 27th he'll see a neuro surgeon about the lumbar radiculopathy.
His advice, "Don't get old."

To avoid pain from standing too long, he has given up cooking. He still makes his wonderful breakfasts, though.

Michael spends most of his time learning about and working with the new CNC machine, often going in to Muncie to the robotics workshop. The team continues to meet once a week, on Tuesdays.

Monday was the orientation meeting for adjuncts at Ivy Tech Marion and classes begin next week. The time has come for me to get serious about preparing for the semester.

I joined the few walkers Tuesday and Thursday, with the added pleasure of Rebecca's company on the latter.
There is always something new to notice along the way, like the work going on at Taylor University,

Landscaping changes 

. . .creatures playing, and beautiful flowers.

Best of all, sweet Rebecca Rose!

Who's who?
Friday was a big day. After two desperate calls for a Spanish instructor for the Ivy Tech Muncie campus, I accepted and went to talk with those in charge, pick up a textbook, and sign the contract.
Goodbye retirement! My schedule for the next 16 weeks:

  • 4:00-5:50 Monday, Wednesday--Muncie
  • 6:00-7:50 Tuesday, Thursday--Marion  

Former neighbor, Glenda, was in the area so we got together for lunch at Common Grounds in Hartford City.

I was also thinking about my brother Aldo, #3 sibling, who turned 65. I came across these old photos with him in them.

 And today, August 22nd, would have been my parents 73rd wedding anniversary.

I continue to read, scan and share their old letters with my siblings, a few every day. It's so interesting to learn about my parents and their times.

Life is about to change for me. I don't know yet what all I will have to drop to keep up with my new responsibilities. There may be fewer photos, but I am still very committed to the blog--a means of communication and record keeping.

Monday, August 17, 2015

2015 Week 33: Old and New Memories

A wonderful discovery (re-discovery as I was sorting and filing) led to scanning and sharing Mother's college-years (1940-41) letters to her parents, including the summer she worked at Greenwood Hills conference center AND became engaged to "Sam" (nickname, real name--Solon)!  In fact Dad's letter asking for her hand in marriage is the one on the right.

Each day I e-mail two or three enhanced (i.e. cropped, enlarged, darker, digitized versions) to my siblings. These glimpses into those early years allow us to learn much about our parents and about ourselves.

Monday Night Dinner is back! I think we were all excited to get together again, so there was quite a crowd. However, host and chef Stephan was missing! He was in the ER after nearly chopping off his finger! So we all pitched in to help Karen prepare a delicious meal. 

Said goodbye to this young man headed to college in Tennessee
Four stitches later, after the crowd was gone, Stephan made it back home. The accident happened while constructing a model of their dream house he hopes to build in the near future.

Tuesday morning walk I had the added pleasure of taking Rebecca for part of the stroll. I may be doing this more often since we go right by her house. If she's awake and ready, we're off and running walking and Kayla can accomplish a lot in that half hour unhindered!

This was our week to go to the State Fair. I was reminded of long ago 4H adventures, and in my effort to digitize old photos, I dug these out and improved them. Here are my favorites.

Cowboy Samuel

Thursday was the long-awaited day, for Diane anyway. She so looks forward to this annual event. Thanks to Mike's new mode of transportation, he was able to survive the long day, though not totally pain-free, and being careful to sit at intervals.

Diane trying to keep up; Mike's bronze; lunch time

The sign said to tweet a selfie and enter a drawing. I got the selfie and forgot the twitter handle!

Admiring the cheese sculpture

One of our sitting down times was a jousting show by the Knights of Valour where we were transported to the days of Henry VIII.

The jousters line up; "Ready go!"; the winner

We visited the sheep barn twice in search of robotics friends' stall. We finally found Mary and the Bennett family sheep. She said it was feeling very lonely, without its own barnyard friends.

The most unusual place to sit for a bit

When we'd had enough of the fair, we drove to downtown Indy to watch Stephan and Ben sculpt sand in celebration of the gymnastic championship--Countdown to RIO.

Anyone recognize this former gymnast? She was autographing books at a table nearby.

This little lady came alive and bowed after Mike posed with her.

Friday--Rebecca's first birthday!

Her party was Saturday afternoon and coincided with the wedding of my cousin's daughter. Since we are privileged to see Rebecca often, we chose to attend the Hoyt-family event in Warsaw--a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and greet numerous relatives.

My cousin and his daughter came up from Georgia and spent Friday night with us, and had to experience Ivanhoes, of course.

Stan and Erin Hoyt
Saturday noon we drove up with Stephan and Karen and enjoyed the beautiful event together with a large number of Hoyt relatives, even so only representative of Uncle Lowell's progeny (a large portion of them are in New Zealand).

This was Sharon and Vijo's second wedding ceremony. This first was in India the previous week, following their customs, and attended by the entire village!

Sharon's family + two uncles and one aunt
We thoroughly enjoyed everything and everyone! The five-page cheat sheet helped me put names and faces together.

What would Grandpa Hoyt say if he could see how his family of ten has become a multitude of beautiful people and families?

Sunday, August 9, 2015

2015 Week 32: Segway, snowman, submarines, school . . . surprise

Mike's In Motion R2 (smaller model segway) arrived this week, finally!
He really could have used it to get around at the robotics competitions.

Off to get the mail
Sunday afternoon I went to the dance recital for Kayla's many classes at Cornerstone Center for the Arts in Muncie. I especially wanted to see Zion, the little snowman perform with the Early Tap group.
Waiting to perform; posing; "It's summer!"
 Kayla's the best and so much fun to watch as she works with these little ones, but no photos, sorry.

Monday we had visitors from Görlitz, Germany, who stopped by to admire the tree and other art.

"Görlitz, the easternmost town in Germany, is fast becoming a star of the screen. This month it features in two films released in Britain. Its unadorned streets and cobbled marketplace are the backdrop for the book-burning sequence in The Book Thief. (Residents were not happy about the profusion of Nazi insignia in their tourist season and it was dutifully removed each day.)"  
 Also the setting for The Grand Budapest.
From The Independent, March 4, 2014

 Tuesday on my morning walk I spotted Kayla's car by the house they just moved to.

Stephan must have been busy creating this underwater scene somewhere, no ice or sand this time.

Wednesday, first day of classes for Muncie schools, was also teacher Karen's birthday.

Happy 40th, Karen!

Celebrating six years ago with her favorite--tacos!

First day of Kindergarten, fifth grade, junior year, and home alone!

Thursday, the rain held off during our morning walk.

We walked around Taylor and then to one of the walker's home to admire her many flowers and garden.

For TBT I posted on Facebook an ancient photo I came across in all the sorting and filing this week.

Aldo and Ivan, two younger siblings, some 55 years ago
Thereafter followed a lengthy exchange to determine the location. Interesting stories came out. The majority agreed that it was at our church camp in Cerro San Lorenzo. Some remembered the poplar that is no more--chopped down to make crates. Several remember the blind siblings that lived in the mud and thatch hut and traveled to the city to sing and play guitar on the pedestrian walkway. They became part of the city lore, even mentioned in a folk song.

Saturday was a beautiful day and we decided to attend one of Minnetrista's Summer Stage events: Muncie Civic Theatre's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It was Mike's first real adventure using the segway, which saved him a whole lot of steps between the parking and the green.

The funnest surprise was to discover these special neighbors close to where we set up our chairs.

Overall a fun way to end the week.

Sadly, though, another post closes without a Rebecca sighting.

Monday, August 3, 2015

2015 Week 31: Birthdays and Memories

It's been a quiet week in Lake Woebegone Upland . . . for me anyway.  I spent most of it at the computer learning a new program that will help organizing and manage my writing projects.

Michael had a health or robotics related appointment almost every day. An MRI has narrowed the pain issue to several damaged vertebrae. Still looking for relief solutions

On Tuesday morning's walk I was able to get a picture of the bronze at the Memorial Park. It is rather hidden. I wonder how many know about it.

Slowly but surely I work at digitizing old photos and documents. Several treasures showed up lately. Cousins send me Hoyt-related photos, perhaps because I am the oldest of the siblings and therefore the archivist. I was especially happy to see this one Mother has been missing for some time now. And just in time for her birthday.

Rita and Lynn
 I posted all these oldies on Facebook.

Seventy years ago

 Wednesday, July 29
Happy 94th, Mother!

Drinking mate (2010)

 Happy 18th, Skye!

Last Sunday, Skye and I had fun together on a birthday shopping trip.

Thursday, for TBT I posted more treasured oldies. I especially like this one that proves I was always drawn to books.

Lynn and Rita

Grandma Hirschy with Alan and Ivan
Aldo, #3 sibling is missing in this post. I must find one of him. (Hmmm... perhaps a middle-child problem?)

In the evening Mike and I went to visit Mother and joined Alan, Sharon, and boys for dinner at Bob Evans, Mother's choice.

I've grown to expect nephew Daniel's bear hugs. He'd almost forgotten, but got off his motorcycle and ran back for the promised abrazote.
Daniel, Alan and Sharon arrived on their motorcycles
Sharon, Alan, and Mother
After a short visit at Mother's place afterwards, we began our hour and half road trip back home, stopping in Marion for one last visit with these two lovely girls. They were due to fly back to the Basque Country the next day.

Irati and her cousin Marta
Friday, Michael had a meeting in Muncie and then delivered his masterpiece to the Indiana State Fair for display in the sculpture section. He's also hoping it will sell.

Other members of the family have been very busy this week as well. Stephan posted the following pics:

The ice sculpture on the left was for a rehearsal dinner. Don't know about the other one.

The sand sculpture was for the Dublin Irish Festival in Ohio. He enjoys these summer events playing in the sand with fellow carvers.

Looks like father and son enjoyed being on the same work crew for a day job in Tennessee.

Sam and Malachi
Saturday Michael was gone from 5 AM to midnight, all the way to Madison, WI, to learn about the Tormach CNC machine recently acquired for the robotics team.

I spent several hours helping Kayla. After three years in Matthews they moved to a new rental in Upland. My part seems to be to help clean the old place. This time I was able to get the fridge put back together correctly.

"Just one picture before I go home. Guess I'll take the rest of my Ivanhoes' salad."

The rest of the weekend events will wait till next time.
Did anyone notice who's missing from my weekly photo journal?