Monday, August 3, 2015

2015 Week 31: Birthdays and Memories

It's been a quiet week in Lake Woebegone Upland . . . for me anyway.  I spent most of it at the computer learning a new program that will help organizing and manage my writing projects.

Michael had a health or robotics related appointment almost every day. An MRI has narrowed the pain issue to several damaged vertebrae. Still looking for relief solutions

On Tuesday morning's walk I was able to get a picture of the bronze at the Memorial Park. It is rather hidden. I wonder how many know about it.

Slowly but surely I work at digitizing old photos and documents. Several treasures showed up lately. Cousins send me Hoyt-related photos, perhaps because I am the oldest of the siblings and therefore the archivist. I was especially happy to see this one Mother has been missing for some time now. And just in time for her birthday.

Rita and Lynn
 I posted all these oldies on Facebook.

Seventy years ago

 Wednesday, July 29
Happy 94th, Mother!

Drinking mate (2010)

 Happy 18th, Skye!

Last Sunday, Skye and I had fun together on a birthday shopping trip.

Thursday, for TBT I posted more treasured oldies. I especially like this one that proves I was always drawn to books.

Lynn and Rita

Grandma Hirschy with Alan and Ivan
Aldo, #3 sibling is missing in this post. I must find one of him. (Hmmm... perhaps a middle-child problem?)

In the evening Mike and I went to visit Mother and joined Alan, Sharon, and boys for dinner at Bob Evans, Mother's choice.

I've grown to expect nephew Daniel's bear hugs. He'd almost forgotten, but got off his motorcycle and ran back for the promised abrazote.
Daniel, Alan and Sharon arrived on their motorcycles
Sharon, Alan, and Mother
After a short visit at Mother's place afterwards, we began our hour and half road trip back home, stopping in Marion for one last visit with these two lovely girls. They were due to fly back to the Basque Country the next day.

Irati and her cousin Marta
Friday, Michael had a meeting in Muncie and then delivered his masterpiece to the Indiana State Fair for display in the sculpture section. He's also hoping it will sell.

Other members of the family have been very busy this week as well. Stephan posted the following pics:

The ice sculpture on the left was for a rehearsal dinner. Don't know about the other one.

The sand sculpture was for the Dublin Irish Festival in Ohio. He enjoys these summer events playing in the sand with fellow carvers.

Looks like father and son enjoyed being on the same work crew for a day job in Tennessee.

Sam and Malachi
Saturday Michael was gone from 5 AM to midnight, all the way to Madison, WI, to learn about the Tormach CNC machine recently acquired for the robotics team.

I spent several hours helping Kayla. After three years in Matthews they moved to a new rental in Upland. My part seems to be to help clean the old place. This time I was able to get the fridge put back together correctly.

"Just one picture before I go home. Guess I'll take the rest of my Ivanhoes' salad."

The rest of the weekend events will wait till next time.
Did anyone notice who's missing from my weekly photo journal?

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The Bug said...

Yes, and I am grumpy about it. You'll have to fix that for next week :)

That first picture of you & Lynn as children reminds me of the sculpture in the park - cute kiddos!

I hope that a diagnosis helps them figure out how to treat Mike!

Finally, LOVE that sand sculpture!