Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 Week 30: Visitor and Conference

We had a special visitor from the Basque Country stay with us a couple days.

Monday we drove around to each of our family members' homes. They've all moved since Irati was here last.

First we stopped to see Leah. 

Next, Kayla. . .

But the little munchkin stole the show.

Then we went to Stephan and Karen's "farm" and as cute and soft as the bunnies were, Irati was not very interested.

Nor did she care about the chickens. Not even Foghorn the rooster could get her attention. Nova the cat showed a lot more interest in the hens.

Later we got to observe Kayla in action as a dance instructor in three classes of different ages and styles. We especially wanted to see Zion in the tap class.

"It's summer" (from movie Frozen)
Finally, we ended up at Sam and Kristie's house, had dinner with them, including entertainment!

El mago Elijah
We missed Sam. He was working in Michigan all week.

Tuesday's plans were changed somewhat, so instead of a longer trip, we went to a county fair and introduced Irati to that aspect of American culture.

"Irati, is that what you think of the fair or of being photographed?"
Of course, we had to try fair food. I had never seen spiral potatoes like these.

On the way back we stopped to see Sam's shop and skateboard area.

Irati examining the bowl
One more stop to show our friend the pottery studio where Mike works with kids.

Remember the clay figure I thought he was going to recycle? Looks like the poor guy's been rescued and given a second chance.

Wednesday a large envelope arrived in the mail with old family photographs. This one of my grandfather and two uncles was enclosed by mistake. I had never seen it. The younger boy, my uncle Dan, still lives and is quite active and involved for his 97 years.

The next three days, I attended the annual Midwest Writers Workshop in Muncie for the fourth time. I had been hesitant to register, but Michael said, "Why wouldn't you go?" So, trusting that I was meant to be there, I rose early, drove the half hour there and back each day and sat through many sessions.

Thursday, by mid afternoon break I had to go out and sit in the car until my feet had thawed out.
No more sandals, only socks and enclosed shoes the next two days, and sweaters.
They say they have no control over the air conditioning in the building. (Or is it that they want to sell more MWW sweatshirts?)

The entire conference was very beneficial--excellent and practical sessions, great new friends in "my tribe" (who write in the same genre), and fun times!

Only a few of the wonderful writers I met
I came home greatly encouraged and motivated to continue telling stories through my writing.

Meanwhile, Michael had a root canal, an appointment with his doctor and more x-rays. They're still trying to figure out what is causing the painful episodes.

Looks like Stephan has kept busy. I'm glad he posts these photos on Facebook and doesn't mind if I share them with my readers.

What surprises await us all in Week 31? Come back next week.


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Another jam-packed week at the Kochs!
Love fair food! Sadly, no more elephant ears for me :( But I think the fries should be fine. I've never seen that shape of fries either. They look yummy!
Loved the old photo of Grandpa Hirschy with Harlan and Dan.
Glad you were motivated to continue telling your stories!

Cathy Shouse said...

I enjoyed your description of your week. Seeing you at the conference was wonderful. Your last photo, of the ice sculpture, is amazing! You are your family are all so talented.

The Bug said...

Love my Rebecca pictures, and the one of you in those crazy glasses. Glad you had a good time! Last week one day my office was 65 degrees! I need to keep a pair of socks in there...