Saturday, July 4, 2015

2015 Week 26: Part D

Saturday morning we found Aldo enjoying his CNC router.

Aldo's hobby
 At breakfast we visited with two more great nephews and niece Ana. The cousins, Brian and Jeffrey, had spent the night at Grandpa and Grandma's.They were very interested in Mike's stories from the time he built special vehicles for travel into Eastern Europe.
Niece Abigail came to pick up her son Brian. She has a high level Black Belt status and was on her way to learn from a Master.

Mike going for the dulce de leche spread. Brian and Abby (love his smile!).
We thoroughly enjoyed these leisurely mornings together, and were so privileged to be with my brother's family that weekend of special events. Saturday was great niece Savannah's open house.
Andrew, Dad and "chef";                                             Savannah, the graduate;            graduation quilt
There was quite a spread. I overheard that Andrew stayed up till 0'dark 30 cooking the various meats.

We walked over to the party next door and stayed awhile before leaving for the retirement celebration of our friends and fellow-workers in Germany and Austria many years ago--Dave and Brenda Babcock.
We met before they were married. In fact I first met them in Mexico during the Christmas crusade of 1969, just before our own wedding in January.
Later we ended up on the same team in Germany where they were married. We were witnesses at their civil wedding and I played a special piece on the organ for their church ceremony.

June 1971
When we arrived at the Greeley Wesleyan Church, a photographer was trying to gather and situate the many family members. I took advantage of the moment. (Is it really possible that everyone is looking at the camera and smiling?) Then I walked around and admired all the table decorations depicting Dave and Brenda's favorite things, which was the theme for the celebration.

Our table; one of several articles displayed; the grand surprise gift
Extended family
The children planned the event and honored their parents in wonderful ways. The family sang a song "These are a few of their favorite things" to go along with the theme.

Most of the time we mingled with friends we had not seen in eons and attempted to get caught up.

Mike initially confused Annette (Wright) with the Babcocks. Their families grew up together and have always been so close. 

And we met new friends. There were three retired teachers from the Vienna International School that the Babcock and Wright children attended, who decided to meet at the celebration and thus have their own little reunion after 25 years!
The saying "It's a small world" or "El mundo es un pañuelo" proved true once again as the teacher in lower left is from Dayton, TN, knows my cousins who live there.

After the program, the fellowship continued at the restaurant and then in Dave and Brenda's new home.

We finally pulled ourselves away after dark, but the house was still buzzing with conversation, stories and memories while the little ones slept downstairs in their sleeping bags.

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