Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2015 Week 26: Part A

In last week's post I mentioned we'd be away. We left Wednesday for our road trip out West. We experienced so many wonderful encuentros, meetings with friends, that I've decided to break it up in sections.

Before the trip

Sunday, Father's Day was a quiet one, good for Mike to recover from the robotics competition in Ohio. Read all about it here: CORI.

 I posted some Daddy/Baby and Dad/Daughter photos to remember and celebrate the wonderful father of our children.

Monday I caught sight of a fat and rather slow-moving creature ambling up toward the house. I took my time locating the camera, went out on the deck, and was surprised that it was still there and not bothered by my curiosity. It just stood there eating grasses and eventually ran into the wood pile.

Then it was time for me to run  pick up Leah and Rebecca for an evaluation appointment with an oral surgeon.

While Leah was being examined, x-rayed and informed that not one but FOUR molars needed to come out, I was having fun with Rebecca.
Selfie Attempts

Tuesday was a day to wrap-up things here and pack for the trip.
And Mike worked like usual with the robotics team all evening.

Part B tomorrow.

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The Bug said...

Oh my word that is such an adorable baby! That tutu... :)