Monday, July 6, 2015

2015 Week 27: Part B

Most of this week I have been processing the photos and experiences of our trip to Colorado. 
I have finally come to the homeward-bound part. As wonderful as vacations are, it is always good to get home. 
I was happy to see the new flowers by the mail box and have enjoyed bouquets from the abundant wildflowers.

Looking back--Monday morning we were on the road again.

I read most of the way. This time a very different kind of book. Mike's cousin has been a regular contributor for Hunting and Fishing Collectibles magazine since 2000. His most recent column "Back Shelf" appeared on the last page. Ron's fourth book--Behind the Back Shelf-- is a collection of his bimonthly articles published between 2006 and 2012 with the added bonus of background stories for each. 
We enjoyed his humor immensely. I learned more about Mike's family background and gained insight into the world of water-fowling. Ron claims he is "foremost a duck hunter and everything else is just something to pass the time between seasons."

We were highly entertained all the way from Cozad, NE, to Normal, IL, where we spent the night with a dear couple who were with us on two Circle Tours of the Basque Country, both of them cyclists. Life has changed considerably for them with the arrival of their first baby eight weeks ago.

 Tate and Chelsea were very gracious to host us even in those chaotic first weeks with a newborn.

Meeting Ainsley Claire
Tuesday we arrived home around noon, in time to get organized enough for the next activities on our calendar--Mike was off to the regular Tuesday robotics meeting, and I to the Fort Wayne airport to welcome a young Basque friend and her cousin, visiting area families for the month.

Irati y Marta
Wednesday we enjoyed hanging out with one of our young pastors and his delightful family.
(Great motivation for me to clean house all day ;-).

Thursday morning I joined the walking group that meets at the depot twice a week. Only two of us this time.

The local garden club does such a wonderful job of caring for the flowers there.

Later I was the lucky babysitter! It was a first time for this great grandma--abuela.
Rebecca is so active now that this was the only moment I managed a get a photo, surprisingly, as even bottle time is busy with feet and arms flailing about.

Friday was Jared's last class. He was back earlier than other days and we managed to fit in one more game of King's Corner and an Ivanhoes' dessert.

Saturday we saw him off  at Cracker Barrel where he caught the shuttle to the Indianapolis airport on his way to Arizona to see his parent's new home for the first time.

So, I am finally caught up with a rough summary of the week.
And I've also posted photos on Facebook: Part II of my walk through the Benson Sculpture Garden.


sara said...

Thank you again for hosting Jared!!! It was so wonderful for me to not have to "worry" about him and know he was with great friends!!!

The Bug said...

So glad you were able to go on the trip & came home safely! Thanks for my Rebecca fix :)