Thursday, July 2, 2015

2015 Week 26: Part B

On the road, all day long, all the way to Kansas City.
Hours and hours of monotonous flat land.

Great opportunity for me to keep my eyes off the road and read out loud.

My cousin Rosie sent us this historic novel back in February shortly after we visited her in Chicago on our way to Wisconsin. It's been in Mike's car so I could read to him anytime whenever we drove somewhere together.

. . . the story behind the Gerasene demoniac of the gospels of Mark and Luke.

I do so enjoy reading expressively, interpreting the different characters' voices. Legion's lines nearly ruined my vocal chords. However, that did not stop me. We almost finished the book that day.

We had contacted friends that we hoped to visit. Finally, mid afternoon, we heard from a couple in Fort Collins from our early years in OM.

Arriving at Donnigans
We spent a delightful few hours with them and heard many stories of their life, starting with their OM wedding in London. Perusing their albums we saw young versions of a good number of mutual friends which brought back countless memories.

Al and Nancy

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and by nightfall it was time to make our way back to Denver and find my brother Aldo's place which became our home base for three days.

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The Bug said...

We listen to audio books on long trips - but it would be fun to listen to you!