Monday, July 13, 2015

2015 Week 28: Remembering & Celebrating

Lots of remembering and lots of celebrating this week.
Expect many photo collages.
Also lots of rain this season--flooding, lost crops, damage.
Strange weather patterns. It is pouring as I write.

So how did we celebrate the 4th--Independence Day?
We joined Leah's family in her back yard.

And watched the guys create fire-art and the kids (or young at heart) at play.

They extended the holiday another day because they enjoy fireworks so much.
But we stayed home Sunday evening to watch an exciting soccer game. Can't help but feel sorry for Japan though. They put up a good fight.

Monday was a catch-up day. One accomplishment--a third album of  Benson Sculpture Park  photos.

Tuesday morning walk--only two of us again. Fun conversation and sights along the way. (My walking partner is far more photogenic than me.)

Wednesday, I posted the fourth and final album of the Benson Sculpture Park and  the following on Facebook:

I was just reminded that Grandma Hirschy would have been 127 today, July 7th.When she died at 96 she had 43 great grandchildren. She sent them birthday cards with $1 bill as long as she could. When she could do it no longer, she had someone do it for her. She also wrote and kept track in her diary, and toward the end told someone what to write.
Thursdayon Leah's adopted birthday, I posted another memorable photo .

Here's what she said on Facebook:
Feb. 4th was the day I was born.The day an unwanted pregnancy became an unwanted baby abandoned never once being touched by a mother's hands or looked on by a mother's eyes BUT TODAY that child was officially wanted. A mother hugged and kissed this baby. A father and Mother and a brother WANTED this baby !! Today is my favorite day,the day I became part of a family. A day I was wanted, loved. 
Today is my ADOPTED birthday heart emoticon

In the afternoon, three grands came to visit. I noticed right away that Elijah has finally surpassed me. This is now the last of many measuring sessions. He achieved his goal. In no time we will all be looking up to him. 
The little ones have a ways to go, but can already run faster than Grandma.

We saw different kinds of mushrooms on our walk. Don't know much about them. Any edible?

Before the day was over and after both of us had said goodbye to the young uns' we each were babysitting, we snuck off for a special Mother-Daughter dinner at Payne's. Leah needed to eat well, stock up before the midnight fast began.

Friday, Leah's dreaded oral surgery--one almost penetrating the sinus cavity, and three wisdom teeth. I posted these on Facebook and she had many praying for her. The procedure itself was the quickest and easiest in her long dental journey--over before she knew it! However, the recovery is not as smooth. 

So, where was Michael all day--8:00 AM-midnight? At the PhyXTGears shop. Not Yet, the robot, is living up to its name, not quite ready for the big competition coming up next weekend.

Fortunately Mike could sit most of that time and avoid some of the pain that plagues him.

Saturday he was gone again, where he's been most of the week. I'm sure you guessed it.

I kept busy with Saturday chores (including getting ready for a Sunday family get-together!) until it was time to check out Chef Steph's catering at a special welcome for friends who live and work in SE Asia. (BTW, the food was delicious.)

Sunday we celebrated Leah's Adopted Birthday.

At times you'd think the party was for Rebecca.

Leah had planned a Father-Daughter lantern-launching celebration for earlier in the week. Due to rainy weather it was postponed, but Sunday evening was good.

One of them did not go very far. We lost sight of the other one.

(Did anyone read this far?)

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The Bug said...

Congratulations to Leah & all of you - look what joy she's brought to the family! Including Rebecca :)

I think you're perfectly lovely, just like your walking companion.

Sounds like your weather is like ours - which means you mow when you can & hunker down when you can't!