Sunday, August 9, 2015

2015 Week 32: Segway, snowman, submarines, school . . . surprise

Mike's In Motion R2 (smaller model segway) arrived this week, finally!
He really could have used it to get around at the robotics competitions.

Off to get the mail
Sunday afternoon I went to the dance recital for Kayla's many classes at Cornerstone Center for the Arts in Muncie. I especially wanted to see Zion, the little snowman perform with the Early Tap group.
Waiting to perform; posing; "It's summer!"
 Kayla's the best and so much fun to watch as she works with these little ones, but no photos, sorry.

Monday we had visitors from Görlitz, Germany, who stopped by to admire the tree and other art.

"Görlitz, the easternmost town in Germany, is fast becoming a star of the screen. This month it features in two films released in Britain. Its unadorned streets and cobbled marketplace are the backdrop for the book-burning sequence in The Book Thief. (Residents were not happy about the profusion of Nazi insignia in their tourist season and it was dutifully removed each day.)"  
 Also the setting for The Grand Budapest.
From The Independent, March 4, 2014

 Tuesday on my morning walk I spotted Kayla's car by the house they just moved to.

Stephan must have been busy creating this underwater scene somewhere, no ice or sand this time.

Wednesday, first day of classes for Muncie schools, was also teacher Karen's birthday.

Happy 40th, Karen!

Celebrating six years ago with her favorite--tacos!

First day of Kindergarten, fifth grade, junior year, and home alone!

Thursday, the rain held off during our morning walk.

We walked around Taylor and then to one of the walker's home to admire her many flowers and garden.

For TBT I posted on Facebook an ancient photo I came across in all the sorting and filing this week.

Aldo and Ivan, two younger siblings, some 55 years ago
Thereafter followed a lengthy exchange to determine the location. Interesting stories came out. The majority agreed that it was at our church camp in Cerro San Lorenzo. Some remembered the poplar that is no more--chopped down to make crates. Several remember the blind siblings that lived in the mud and thatch hut and traveled to the city to sing and play guitar on the pedestrian walkway. They became part of the city lore, even mentioned in a folk song.

Saturday was a beautiful day and we decided to attend one of Minnetrista's Summer Stage events: Muncie Civic Theatre's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It was Mike's first real adventure using the segway, which saved him a whole lot of steps between the parking and the green.

The funnest surprise was to discover these special neighbors close to where we set up our chairs.

Overall a fun way to end the week.

Sadly, though, another post closes without a Rebecca sighting.

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The Bug said...

Looks like a good week! So glad that Mike has some pain free locomotion!

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