Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015 Week 35: Teaching again

It's been a week of beautiful weather, pleasant temperatures, sunshine pouring in the kitchen window, humming birds flitting about, AND at the same time I've been intensely focused on preparing for class each day and keeping up with everything else as usual.
I am gratefully surprised by how well everything came together--a great beginning!

Michael left Monday to attend a workshop in Wisconsin on Tuesday, so I insisted on a goodbye selfie.

After the first class in Muncie, I went directly to Monday Night Meal at Stephan and Karen's. If that were not possible, I probably would have turned down the teaching job.

Fun after-dinner moments
The new teaching schedule does not interfere with my morning walks either!

Tuesday sightings
It's delightful to stop and talk to Debbie, who is also in my tap class! She works so hard to keep the Lightrider grounds and buildings looking good.
Rebecca joined us for part of the walk, very happy and comfy, interacting with us and pulling off her socks.

Mike arrived back after 1 AM and I never woke up. Evenings, after class, I am wiped out. Now I can relate to Karen and other teachers who are at it non-stop for most of the day!

Malachi's milestones this week: he got his license and began driving to school on Wednesday; and was chosen for a major role in the school play!

Photo credit Samuel Koch

Thursday, Kayla and Rebecca left to babysit cousin Jude. I walked only part way, as far as the Communications Arts Center to see the new entry way.

Redone open area, designed to match window above entrance 
Then I parted ways with my friend and jogged back to the car so I could catch a glimpse of preciosa and give them some items to take to Sam's family.
Two Debbie's chatting; Rebecca and Violet ready to travel
Thursday was also a big day for Michael: an appointment with the neurosugeon (goes back next week); stitches taken out of his hand (no more cancer!); and a late night at robotics getting ready for the Family Fest this weekend.

Jared flew in from Arizonain and took the shuttle from Indy airport. I picked him up after class at Cracker Barrell.

Friday morning, after collecting all (or most) of his things and packing his car, he was eager to be off and see his Anderson University friends!

Mike and I had a date night. We went to see the new movie War Room, about spiritual warfare.
Afterwards we had trouble finding the right place to eat--one was too crowded and noisy, another too cold, the next was closing. Finally we settled on Mexican, perfect!

Saturday, as I sit here looking out at the birds, suddenly a big beautiful orange one lands on the hummingbird feeder and figures out there is nothing there for him. I watch and manage one photo between the slats of the window blinds. 

Mike has been pain-free the last two days and even dreamed last night that he was again able to exercise and do anything he wanted. I wonder how his day is going at the Meridian Services Family Fest?
That is where the PhyXTGears' workshop is located. The team members set up a couple robots and some fun activities for the youngsters attending the fest.


The Bug said...

So happy for some pain free days for Mike! Hope he remains pain free... Your fall sounds like it will be very busy, but satisfying. I'm glad you didn't have to alter your schedule more than you wanted to.

Karen Kay said...

So good to be back reading your blog once again. Such a busy time with the family that I didn't get to it for sometime. Please inform me regarding what has been going on with Mike via email or 'message' on FB.

We hope to see you when passing through in Oct. Love ya both