Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013 Week 40: Family and Friends

All my photos this week feature people except one--Mike's sculptures that I delivered yesterday to enter the Grant County Art Association contest and exhibit.

Sarah, Fantasia, Swirl, Rain Drop
  I learned as I was filling out the application, that all ceramics come under the category of Sculpture.

Both Karen and Gina  were surprised to learn they had cut their hair on the same day at the same place.
No surprise at all to see Gina with her first grandbaby again!

Beautiful weather for another cross-country meet. Guess which family member had a mind of his own?

Grandma Debby came straight from her job to cheer Malachi and enjoy the grandbabies.

The ladies Bible study resumed, always a delightful time to meet with friends and talk about Jesus.

We had visitors from NC--the Shaneyfelts who work with JAARS. It was fun to catch up with Carol who grew up in Upland. She was a young girl when we moved here. Of course we had to go to Ivanhoe's.

We'd been looking to replace one of our cars and finally found a good deal in MI. The added blessing was to meet up with Ivan and Kim for lunch on our way back for one last visit before they leave for Argentina in a couple days.

We celebrated our favorite granddaughter's birthday. (I can still say that ;-) We had fun as a family with the added presence of the other Kayla, a dear friend, like sisters.

The two Kaylas


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Always love seeing Mike's work, whatever it's called :)

Another full week for the Kocks! So glad we got to see you one last time :)

The Bug said...

Sounds like a great week. I'm jealous that you got to visit with Kim & Ivan again :)