Sunday, September 29, 2013

2013 Week 39: Random Moments

Hmmmm...can't think of a unifying theme for this week, just a series of happy, proud, or reflective moments.

I'm borrowing this happy photo from son-Stephan's Sunday Facebook-status. There were several shots of his Noah's Ark pumpkin-creation. This was my favorite because of the delight of the children looking on. Can you see the peace-dove?

Sunday afternoon SIL Diane was here, I was helping her put together her scrapbook.
Leah et al stopped by. I like this fun-photo of Skye and Zeus on the ATV.

Sunday evenings we usually hang out with college students around a fire, if the weather permits.
Michael had his camera along so I asked him to take a picture. I didn't mean of me, but this is what he got.

Monday I spent several hours with a young friend in the ER.
I was so reminded of a year and a half ago when daughter Leah was in the same place and saved from a very serious condition.

Tuesday I met DIL Kristie and two younguns at JoAnn Fabrics to help pick out material to cover decorative throw pillows. While she searched the many aisles, I entertained the boys.

Michael took advantage of the wonderful weather this week to fell some dead trees and replenish his supply of wood for winter.

Thursday evening we were privileged to have an award-winning author, Colleen Coble, visit our small-town library. She even remembered me from her workshop in July!

Mike's other big accomplishment of the week was to finish building two kilns: one to burn out the wax (the 18"x 20" on the right); and the other for melting the bronze (on the left, 12"x15").

The side by side photos in the collage do not reflect the size difference, nor the complex construction. He has been diligently researching the ancient lost-wax process to attain a bronze sculpture ever since he met the artist at the Penrod festival.

Malachi has been moved up to Varsity. We are proud of his dedication and determination.
Saturday's collage reflects the fun time at Malachi's cross-country meet. Such a beautiful day, almost hot.

Aunt Karen enjoyed entertaining little Jude. She herself had already run 9 miles that morning!


The Bug said...

I DID see you in that photo - ha! That makes two of you this week - I like the one Mike took VERY much. And that pumpkin is pretty impressive!

Kimberly Hoyt said...

Y'all sure do manage to pack a lot into a week! :)
Ivan made our wedding rings using the investment casting system. I think Tina has that kiln now.
Looking at your blog on my iPhone, I couldn't find you in the last photo but now that I'm on my computer, I do see you :)