Saturday, September 14, 2013

2013 Week 37: Back to school-year routines

Still enjoying the beautiful days and variety of produce and flowers of the season while easing into the activities of a new school year like helping with junior church and joining the college students for Sunday School and evening fellowship.

I got back into a couple exercise events this week--tap and zumba.

Our lovely tap teacher posing for the photo
 Michael worked (played?) in his studio again, first time since we got back from Europe! 
He learned much from talking to one of the artists at the Penrod Arts Fair last weekend and was eager to get started sculpting with a new medium--wax.

Also on Monday, Mother invited me to the first ladies fellowship of the fall--a soup and dessert meal and Bible study.
I stayed overnight at her place. Finally got to bed at 1:30 a.m. after updating the Hoyt-family album. There were more old photographs to insert for each of the ten siblings. I don't remember where, when or how they came to me, but I find them very interesting.

Before leaving the area Tuesday morning I went by the cemetery to see the recently placed gravemarker.

Sadly birds fly into our windows, fall and die, an average of two a day.

Pobre pajarito

Wednesday, however, we remembered the many fellow humans who died on 9/11 and pray for those who in our day face oppression, torture, death, or war.
Daughter Leah joined a rally on the I69/SR26 overpass nearby. (I am borrowing this photo from FB and don't know who to credit.)

Remembering 9/11 Victims/Bikers Against War in Syria (Leah on far right)

The family tree, that tells our life story and speaks of God's faithfulness, has a different look with the summer vines. It was time to take another picture.

In the midst of Friday's errands we stopped for lunch at a favorite eatery nearby--Payne's, and later dropped by Leah's new place to note all the changes and artistic touches.

Water while waiting for food; art in the WC (water closet) at Leah's
Today, Saturday, I am spending the day cleaning and preparing for Diane's 60th birthday celebration tomorrow. There is a fresh bouquet of flowers from Victory Acres on the table. An audio book plays while a work. But now I am taking a break to finish the weekly Project 365 post. 


Kim said...

Lovely flowers to start the week, and end the week :)
Is Mike going to try investment casting?

The Bug said...

I love the flowers! And the headstone is really nice...