Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Week 38: Special Events

The week started out with a special birthday celebration for SIL Diane.
Son Stephan outdid himself again with an impressive ice centerpiece and even carved out a watermelon cake when news arrived of the fall and loss of the birthday cake while en route. We sang the birthday song twice, once with the traditional birthday tune and the unlit watermelon candles and then the crazy Koch-version with the lit-up velitas stuck in a couple small loaves of banana bread. (To see more photos, go here.)

Notice the ice sculpture is  in the shape of a football. Diane is a great fan of the Colts. Most were watching the game during the party.
That night, when we were in the deepest sleep, a loud noise woke us up. Mike, the protector, stealthily made his way upstairs. We soon realized the ice sculpture (what was left of it) had crashed!

Monday I recorded Kayla demonstrating the new tap dance routine she choreographed for us, as far as we have gotten. Now I have something to follow IF I would find time to practice throughout the week.

Tuesday I got to meet Leah's new kittens.

Wednesday our Food for Thought ladies' Bible study started up again with a brunch here at our house, an introduction to the new series for the year, and I shared about the Circle Tour's experiences in the Basque Country.
Later that day I completed another blog post about the last leg of our trip: Gernika and Beyond.

Thursday, while running errands, I was pleasantly surprised to learn the T-shirt quilt dropped off to be quilted was ready to be picked up and I was in the neighborhood. Now I am learning and enjoying the last step of the process, the binding. Two more sides of hand-sewing to go, i.e. two more episodes of a series we are watching--Desaparecida.

Friday two young ladies we befriended (one a former student) invited us for chili supper.

And Saturday's very special event was the wedding of another former student to our pastor's son, truly a grand occasion.

I failed to mention that Tuesday Michael cycled 95 miles with two others. He's been fighting a bad cold since, probably not related.
Fall is here and we are feeling the cooler temperatures and looking forward to the beautiful colors.

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The Bug said...

Lovely wedding! Happy late birthday to Diane - love the ice sculpture & watermelon cake :)

And what cute kittens! (No I don't want one - ha!)