Sunday, September 1, 2013

2013 Week 35: People!

First, let me update you on son Sam who was quite ill last week. Sunday, after the second visit to the ER the night before and a stronger pain medication, he began to improve slowly. He is feeling okay now, though they still haven't gotten to the bottom of what happened to him and he won't see a neurologist till the end of the month.
We kinda laid low that day, no photos, however I have one I took when I was at their place Saturday. I was so surprised to see a small wool patch blanket I made years ago and forgot about completely.

At Monday Night Meal we had several guests. Even though Hannah (on the right) was visiting all the way from New York, I think baby TJ took center stage.

Uncle Elijah and Aunt Kayla with TJ; Grandma Gina with TJ; 'Auntie' Hannah
Tuesday I was invited to a wonderful 70th birthday tea for a dear friend of many. Here she is reading the words each of us chose to describe her.

Wednesday I got to meet the new family dog. Ruff is Skye's dog.

In the evening we had many come to an open house for a family that serves at a camp in Honduras. They brought their oldest daughter to Taylor, so this is their first photo as a family of five, minus Ellie.

Look who arrived Thursday evening? Oh, actually this photo was taken Friday after moving Jared into his third-floor room in the dorm at Anderson U. Sara's feet were soooo tired!

Saturday, the big day--the bloggy-friends reunion!

Sara all dolled-up waiting for the friends to arrive.
So here we are: back row--Just a Southern Girl (my SIL, Kim); oldfangled (my DIL, Karen); Bug's Eye View (Dana); ...make music from your heart to the Lord. Eph. 5:19 (Sara); and me on the front row (why on earth did I wear yellow?!)

The Blogging Friends
Some shots of our wonderful day:

The counter was covered with food all day, lots of salads and grilled vegetables, and more.

Kim and I prepared some salads, the men took over from there, and the women chatted non-stop!

The big table was the center of a variety of activities: conversation, crafts, food, games, even baby crawl space.

Today, Sunday, we said goodbye to Sara and Jared, hopeful for more wonderful times like these.


The Bug said...

I had such a great time yesterday! I wish I had stayed longer - there was a bad accident on 35 that delayed me for about 45 minutes. I could have spent that time talking some more instead!

sara said...

love all your pictures!!! such a great time seeing everyone, laughing, eating, playing cards, beating Mike :), laughing and eating some more!! I am so grateful for your friendship!