Saturday, September 7, 2013

2013 Week 36: Festivals and Between

I'll start with Monday, the grand finale of our town's Labor Day festivities. The day begins with a Fun Run and a 5K, then there's the grand parade that brings in many out-of-town visitors. Quite a big deal for a small town.
I like to support the return of the 5K (the second annual after 20+ year absence), and I did okay (a little under 40') for not having run a race in a year! And, sure, I won my age category by default, but I was mighty sore most of the week.
Mike is on the committee to bring the greenway through our town and eventually join up with the trailheads in Gaston and Jonesboro. Some of us family members supported the effort by walking/riding/handing out candy and brochures following the banner.

The rest of the day was rather quiet. We even saw a very good movie: The Butler.

Michael worked on building a cover for the generator and finished it Tuesday. I spent most of two or three days writing and completed another day of our Circle Tour of the Basque Country: on to Lekeitio.
I was especially pleased this week to clear my desk of numerous piles. How long will that last? Hmmmm...

I am borrowing the photo Sam posted on Facebook as a reminder of how grateful we are that Kristie and the boys are okay after their accident on Thursday. The car didn't fare so well, but they are good at finding deals and are busy searching for the best replacement.

Friday we took Diane to the Matthews Covered Bridge festival. We were not there as vendors like other years. I had a good visit with the friend who comes up from Kentucky every year. She had no competition, no other potters there this time.

Saturday we went to a very prestigious art festival in Indianapolis, The Penrod Arts Fair, "one of the nation's largest single-day arts fairs", also touted as "Indiana's Nicest Day." Daughter Leah came along and we had a very enjoyable time, though rather blown away by the unending variety and creativity of the 350 artist vendors. (Or was it the prices that blew us away?)

On our way out through the Museum of Art we walked by Robert Indiana's sculptures entitled "Numbers."


The Bug said...

Another busy week for you guys! Scary about the car accident - glad all are well. Might I recommend a Ford Fusion (ha!)?

LOVE Leah's hat!

Kim said...

Thankful to hear Kristie and the kids are ok!
Looks like you've had a very good week :)