Sunday, November 10, 2013

2013 Week 45

Sunday afternoon we attended the Award Ceremony at the Marion Public Library and met some of the other artists. Surprising how much local talent there is.

Swirl-First Place Sculpture Division
Monday, for lack of my own photograph I will use SIL Kim's that I discovered in her Project 365 blog post. We were so privileged to have one last encuentro before Ivan and Kim's departure for Argentina.

Tuesday Mike finished installing the new antenna on the roof.

The leaves have been coming down fast so on one of my drives back from exercise class I captured some trees that still have colorful foliage.

A next door friend invited us to an afternoon coffee to welcome a new neighbor. I had never been to her house and was admiring the view from her window as well as her beautiful plants.

Michael continues to make progress with the lost wax process which requires nine coats of ceramic slurry and stucco before losing the wax!   I don't understand this very well, but am trying to document the steps.

Saturday I was peddling Mike's pottery at the Matthews' Marketplace while he was away at a robotics competition.

Both of us had a good day in our respective roles.
So another week has gone by rather uneventfully and we begin the 7-day cycle again.

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The Bug said...

Love the pottery & that bust - he's so talented! And so is God - love the trees :)

That's a great picture of you and Mike!