Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Cleanathon!

The cleaning/decorating marathon is over! And this is what remains of the party--a few cookies (Leah's contribution to the open house, in addition to her decorating advice) and some Hershey's kisses displayed on the beautiful platter Dane brought back from our dear friends in the Basque Country.
[BTW, we are so looking forward to doing just that--Bask in Bask--next June!]

The focus of the week, until the very last minute, was to prepare for the holiday Tour of Homes. I cannot remember a time in my life when I have cleaned the entire house so thoroughly.
I had fun decorating our new house for the holidays with all we've accumulated--items restored, given to us, and/or purchased at sale prices. Each one found its rightful place and we were all pleased with the results. So now we have a whole month to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the season.

In the middle of the mess, it was good to get away a few times. Of course Monday Meal as always. Two babies were very content to be passed around.

Tuesday we had our first snow and Stephan got his first buck.

The weather has warmed up unseasonably since.

I made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby on Wednesday and found just what I needed to hang up the stockings.

 Some of you asked to see my writing area. Now that it is uncluttered, I dared to take a picture.

Mike and I both have had the best of intentions since moving into the new house but have failed miserably. Do you think we will do better after this major clean-up?

As I went through the book piles, I found just the right poems to read at the Poetry Reading Thursday. The overflow of favorite books ended up in a cute reading nook.

Friday we were invited to one of the TU dorm's open house.

We visited with Nate and his girlfriend and got a taste of student fun before dead week and finals.

Saturday evening the homeowners and members of the Historical Society involved in the Tour of Homes went around as a group to the five homes enjoying the many stories and amazing creativity in each one.

While touring the other homes I looked for interesting and unique displays. This Nativity was very unusual I thought.

I tell our visitors to count Nativity scenes as they go from room to room and offer my readers the same challenge as you view my blog from week to week.


Kim said...

How fun that you have a whole month to enjoy the decorations now :) I'd really like to see more photos of your Christmas decorations! I liked the corner with all the books :)

Not sure I'd ever get any writing done, with the views you have from your desk :)

Enjoy a (hopefully) more relaxing week!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I am totally jealous of your office space. It is amazing! I love that big picture window and being able to sit a the computer and look outside.....LOVE IT

The Bug said...

We have very little decorating room in our house, so even though we own several nativity scenes the only one on display right now is an ornament I got from a free trade craft store.

I LOVE your writing area! I wonder if I'd get anything done though, or just look out the window all the time...


I have not done any decorating yet. I have a Willow Tree nativity I will put out some time this week, a clay one in my curio cabinet that Frank gave me for our first Christmas together, and I have an old Home Interior one with children characters that will be put out somewhere. My kids love it the best.