Sunday, December 23, 2012

Week 51: Almost There

Only three days left, we're sitting here watching Christmas specials.
Looked for Sara's son in this Anderson annual program on WIPB.
I texted him. His answer, "No. Mine doesn't air till next year."

So, now to remember what happened this past week...more letters sent out, final shopping and the usual.
Michael has been very busy and came down with a constant cough, but he still keeps going.
Team 1720's New Year Eve ball still in pieces, internal problems, required a lot of repair time.

'Dr. Koch' operating
He also performed surgery on one of his prize sculptures--attaching the broken leg!

I prepared the tables for the ladies brunch on Wednesday. And now they are ready for family Christmas dinner.

I really like the gold-colored table cloth and we used the fancy china, no paper plates.

Thursday afternoon I went out for one last shopping spree. In the parking lot of the first shop, I realized I did not have my wallet! I would have had to turn back and lose a whole hour, but my kind husband went out of his way to bring it to me.
I stopped by Leah's and the sparkling gold balls welcomed me! Reminded me of outdoor trees and shrubs decorated for Christmas in Argentina, except that they would be green and in full bloom.

All the mini to medium-sized trees in her house and hand-made ornaments were very cheerful.

After days of mild weather, we got some snow Thursday night.

When I looked out Friday the snowman sitting in the wreath did not look so out of place.

Snow is still on the ground, tho' the sun was out bright and beautiful.


sara said...

So sad we didn't get to see you!!! But I think we made the right choice to get on the road!

I think I will continue to participate in P365. I just feel it is time to not host it..which gives me some flexibility to miss every now and then. I can't really imagine not catching up with every one each week in this way...I would truly miss it!!! I think you should continue!!!

Kim said...

Ahhhh, snow! It's so hot here right now that I'd love to roll around in some snow and cool down :)

Lots of Christmas trees in this post! So Leah has four?! I'd love to have a tree in every room :) Sadly, this year there is no tree at all here in the casita. But I did hang my Christmas tree quilt out in Sta. Rosa, and put up the miniature tree that (I think) Dora left out there.

The brunch looks like fun, and I like your centerpieces.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

The Bug said...

You should definitely continue! Although I might not (I'm considering taking a break from it - although I'll still post pictures throughout the week). But I would miss seeing your week.

I love that sculpture - so sad that it got broken. Hope they get the ball in working order!

oldfangled said...

I think that doing P365 gives you a motivation to blog weekly, and a direction for your writing.