Sunday, December 9, 2012

Week 49

Last week I was preparing for the Tour of Homes. This week I enjoyed a clean and decorated house.
We had about 100 visitors and enjoyed each conversation.

It was a joy to have our whole family there as well, helping, serving, and talking to people.
This little guy was just taking it all in.

The finale of Upland's Olde Tyme Christmas each year is the lighting of the Christmas tree ceremony.

And then Santa arrives at the Depot and the children line up to sit on his lap and make their wishes known while others drink hot cider and eat cookies.

The weather has been unusually mild. Monday Skye came after school for a Spanish tutoring session and we sat outside. He introduced me to his new learning tool. All Eastbrook students use a Plaidlet now.

We had our last two LITE (Life Independent Through Exercise) sessions this week. We have homework for over the month and half until classes resume. One of them involves going up and down stairs. I will have no problem with that since I climb the spiral staircase to my writing area several times every day.

Wednesday evening a group of us traveled to Fort Wayne to meet a couple visiting from the Basque Country. We showed them the route for the bicycle tour next June.

Thursday, the last LITE, we took an end of year photo with our trainers.

Friday night we had our first experience of the voted #1 tradition in college sports, Silent Night, the Friday before finals basketball game at Taylor University. Everyone dresses in pajamas or crazy attire and remains absolutely quiet until the team reaches their first ten points. Then they let loose. Toward the end, when a win is certain, they link arms and sway singing Silent Night. ("Five great moments from this year’s Silent Night game at Taylor University" is worth seeing!)

Where's Waldo?

Saturday I ran the Jingle Bell Jog (I am still sore) and won a door prize--two Taco Bell combos.


The Bug said...

I love the idea of the Silent Night game - really cool! And yes I did see Waldo :)

I would have trouble with that LITE homework - there aren't any stairs in our small home. Oh wait - I use the stairs at work all the time. I guess they would count!


Loved the Silent Night game idea. I loved the stair shot. Thank you for sharing.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I am so impressed that you run! I have been very disappointing in myself now that my knees are giving me issues. It seems so hard to maintain a healthy amount of physical exercise with bad knees!

Loved the tree lighting and the festive activity surrounding it, sounds wonderfully traditional and a lot of fun!