Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week 50: Christmas Countdown

Sad news hit our family and the nation this week.
We keep on keeping on, reminded that joy and sorrow coexisted when Jesus came to this earth.
A madman back then had some 20 children killed (as per historians' estimate)--Matthew 2:18.
Our hope is set on the One who appeared to destroy the works of the devil--I John 3:8.

Sunday was a very long busy day. I taught 2nd and 3rd grade junior church and the lesson was powerful. From Exodus and the story of the plagues and how God allowed Pharoah's heart to be hardened in order to "multiply His wonders"--the LORD's sovereign plan and His power to deliver became so evident.
In the afternoon we went to Kayla's dance recital and had a great time with Leah and family. I took some family pictures. Our favorite was the crazy pose.

At Monday Night meal I handed out our Christmas card and letter, the Krazy Koch version for that crowd.

Nanxin, a student from China who attends quite regularly, gave us a big handmade card.

Nanxin (signature on left) Body Health!
I sent out many cards and letters this week and received several as well.

Mike has spent more time than usual at Team 1720's robotics workshop as they upgrade the New Year's Eve ball. The show this year should be quite spectacular.

Sara had invited us to link up with our Christmas decor post on Wednesday. I gathered the photos that day and posted the next.
Thursday afternoon I traveled up to Winona Lake to visit my parents. Dad greeted me with smiles that seemed to say he was happy to see me.

I arrived in time to hear the Grace Village Chime Choir perform for the Health Care residents.

The participant to the right of the director is a missionary lady that I've always called Aunt Margaret. They lived next door when I was a little girl.

 A special visit with my youngest brother Alan and SIL Sharon was a highlight of my overnight visit. I was so wrapped up in our conversation that I forgot to take a picture of them.
When I got back home Friday, I spent the afternoon trying to catch up on some projects for Christmas and realized there is not much time left.

Only a week ago this bulb began to shoot up beyond two-inch sprouts. Look at it now!

I sped up my shopping efforts at a similar rate and accomplished quite a bit on Saturday.
Two of the grandboys came to spend the night and give their mom a respite.

Elijah reading the story of Saint Nicholas


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I love paper whites, just beautiful, and they smell even better!


The Bug said...

Love the Krazy Koch pictures - you guys are too funny :)

Rosalyn said...

The director of the chimes was my Grace Bell director when I was at Grace 20 some years ago. It is good to see a picture of her.