Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Decor 2012

A Chrismtas Walk Through


The decor came together from what was recovered or restored from the house fire, what we were given, and what we purchased at very reduced prices after last Christmas.
I keep a small reminder on the window sill of how I want to live, focusing on what is really important, i.e. "Simplify". For that very reason, the central story of the Incarnation--the Babe in the manger--is seen throughout the house in many different creative expressions. I challenge those walking through to count Nativity scenes.

This little miniature comes from Argentina. Can you read what it says?

Before we leave the kitchen, look over at the lighted display shelves our son built into the cabinetry.

Even the cat's area in the solarium is decorated, but the references to winter snow seem incongruous.

I had the table set with old china for the Tour of Homes. We may try to eat Christmas dinner like this. ( it possible?)
The Thanksgiving garland is made of our expressions of thanks written on slips of paper.

 Our daughter's miniature clay Christmas creatures on the next window sill.

The coffee table in the center of the living room

The piano corner has been enhanced with a gift of a live wreath.

The main Christmas tree is not live, however.

Nor is last year's anorexic-tree-turned-Country-Christmas-tree on the next level.

As you go up the spiral staircase, take a look at the stockings waiting to be filled--16 in all!

 Once upstairs, look over at the top of the book shelves.

The tiniest and the biggest

All the way from Argentina

Clay Nativity by Leah
 Now look down by the books.

 Oh, but where's the Elf on a Shelf?

We were given several Santas, a few nicely fill a space on my large desk.

One sits on the file cabinet. Keep in mind this loft is also a play area for grandchildren.

Let's go down to the lower level. On the way check out the new location for Mike's masterpiece of the harpist at Sing Noel a year ago.

His Klaytivity display area has added a Christmas tree.

My sewing room added a few touches as well: a silvery Santa and his shimmery toy-laden train which has accompanied our Christmases ever since our consuegra spent the holidays with us some ten years ago.

And now I must head down to the said Santa's workshop, some sewing projects await.


The Bug said...

Lovely! Does it say alleluia? (I know, it's not spelled that way, but that's what it means, right?)

sara said...

Love all your nativity scenes!!! Can't wait to see them in person!!