Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week 46

Sunday we celebrated the first of November birthdays--Sam's 34th. He wanted steak fajitas and guacamole. Son Stephan volunteered to be lead chef and taught me several food prep tricks as I helped.

Great family time. Tasty food. Lot of reminiscing as we poured over old photos. Horrible birthday song.

Monday I accompanied a friend to her appointment with a specialist in Fort Wayne, just so we could spend time together. Afterwards we stopped at a busy little restaurant and tried their new offerings: peanut butter and jelly french toast and pancakes with a very unusual ingredient. Can you guess?

Tuesday the robotics team had an open house in an attempt to recruit more members.
Just this week I framed a drawing by a former team member. A friend who was working on the demolition of our old house after the fire, rescued it from the rubble, and brought it to our open house in June.

Wednesday at our monthly ACW meeting we had a very different presentation--a book of poems for children in Korea! The author explained the different sections and some of the imagery. Beautiful! Too bad I can't read that language.

Thursday was a very sad day for Leah and family as they laid their faithful dog-friend to rest. We joined the tearful ceremony. What used to be the corral has become the family pet cemetery.

Friday I picked up Malachi after school for a birthday shopping trip. We had fun together, found some cool clothes deals, and got lost quite turned around in the mall. Then Elijah and Zion came home with me for the weekend. The challenge to keep them entertained and busy grows with them.

Saturday, for lack of other ideas, I decided to give Zion an early birthday gift...

...a wooden alphabet puzzle. He named the animal shapes and played with them for awhile. But, alas, his attention span is not very long.

Elijah relaxed in bed playing video games.

Grandpa took the boys for a ride on the ATV; we pulled up the remaining plants in the mini vegetable garden; went to the park where they ran themselves ragged.


Then we crashed a birthday party for pastor's four year old. I thought I'd never be able to drag Zion away from the train set...

...and other toys. But look at those red ears. That was always a sign of being very tired.

Sure enough he didn't complain, went to bed early and slept 12 hours straight.

I might be able to do that myself after this intense weekend!

We have much to be thankful for each day we are able to lead such full and meaningful lives.


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great week, those pancakes look amazing! From looking at the picture I am going to guess something green like jalapeno or pickles or some kind of pepper.....

Happy you were able to salvage that drawing!

The picture of the doggie funeral made me cry, i am living in denial that my sweet doggie will live forever.


sara said...

not sure at all what is in that pancake! I am hoping it's not a worm! ha! maybe jalapeno?

Always hard to lose a loving pet. praying for comfort for Leah's family.

The train set was always a hit at my house and still is when kids come over!

Happy Thanksgiving!


I love little boys and train sets. Loved the food...I love good guacamole. There is nothing sadder than losing a beloved pet.

The Bug said...

I'm relieved to think that the pancake ingredient might be a pepper - because my first thought was mushroom or eggplant & that was a big EWW!

You're such a good grandma - I know those active boys must be exhausting (and cute).

rita said...

Great guesses! Yes, jalapeƱo pancackes topped with orange marmalade and syrup--spicy hot delicious.

oldfangled said...

Hey, at least the horrible birthday song was QUIET this time, so as not to wake the baby.

rita said...

Ha, ha, that's right, we tried to be quiet about it ;-)
It occurred to me as we sang to the pastor's 4yr old, that Zion probably does not know what the 'original' bd song sounds like.