Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meetings and More

All the monthly meetings happen in the same week! If you add in regular exercise routines and Bible studies, it makes for a full week.

Sunday was especially busy when several responsibilities piled up related to Missions Sunday, Junior Worship, or college Sunday School class.
In an effort to mix and mingle with the students, Pastor Dan invites all to their home for s'mores by the fire. This time the rainy weather drove us indoors. One of the other couples brought this home made bread.

How do you like the decoration? Sprinkle flour on the paper towel used after proofing, that's what you get.

Most of the week Mike has been throwing and glazing pieces to sell at the craft sale. He will not be here, so Leah and I will manage his for him. It is the annual Koch-men hunting vacation in Idaho.

The strong winds and fall rains have brought the leaves down and now I can keep an eye on the driveway from the big window above my desk .

 Kayla's extra tap shoes fit me perfectly, so Wednesday I had my first tap dance lesson.

Is the teacher laughing at me?
Thursday was a day set aside for a date in Indianapolis. We had a Groupon deal: popcorn, drinks and The Arctic, an IMAX feature.

After that we leisurely walked through the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art.
Found some ideas for the DIL: a umbilical cord cradle ornament and a cradleboard.

I know the daughter would enjoy this fashion progression display.

I worked on arranging the pottery display area. I do hope we can sell or give away a lot so the master potter can continue doing what he enjoys.

Saturday I saw these contented kittens at Victory Acres farmer's market.

Mike was away all day with the robotics team competing at their first event. And I spent most of the day doing necessary cleaning and readying for overnight guests arriving tonight, Sunday--a former student from years ago!


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Interesting week! Especially the museum, I love that kind of stuff!

I was trying to decipher all your husband pottery. It all looks amazing. Does he have a website?


Kim said...

Keeping busy as usual, I see :)
That's quite a view from your desk!
How did you enjoy your first tap class? We went to Riverdance at a local theatre a while back and one of the numbers involved two tap dancers squaring off against two of the Irish dancers. Very entertaining! :)
Now I want popcorn. haha
Have a great week!

LuAnn said...

I always enjoying Mike's handi work.

Tap dancing - now that is something I always wanted to try. Good for you !!!

Enjoy your week !

The Bug said...

Love the pottery! Surely it should all sell.

I think I might want to see a video of you tap dancing :)


The pottery is amazing. I know it will all sell. I am impressed with the tap dancing.