Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Fun

Sunday, a week ago, we were in Dahlonega, GA, the same place where Mike had a serious bicycle accident (April, 2004) that landed him in the hospital for ten days. Obviously it did not keep him from getting on the bike again after the long recovery period. This was his third participation in the  6 Gap Century and 3 Gap 50.

Before the 3 Gap 50 (8:30 a.m.)

After the 3 Gap (2:30 p.m.)
 Mike rode with Terri while Brian, her husband, took the longer challenge.

After the 6 Gap

Monday we were still on the road most of the day. The riders were too tired to drive through the night Sunday so we overnighted in Knoxville, TN. We so enjoyed the many hours of sharing life stories.
Mike reminisced about the accident eight years ago. He was told later that the first person to stop while waiting for help to arrive, was a doctor whose words greatly encouraged the anxious friends, "He's gonna make it." Another good person who stopped by was a nun who anointed him with oil and prayed.

We arrived home in the afternoon minutes before Mike took off for his pottery lessons at the Red Barn.
It was delightful to find several lovely fall decorative arrangements. The daughter had been there!

Tuesday Mike was very busy most of the day preparing for a presentation at the second robotics session of the season.
For me it was catch-up day on many fronts, among them dealing with the accumulated vegetables from the Victory Acres distribution.
I can't even name all the different types of peppers and am still trying to learn how to use or preserve them.

I also went back to water aerobics and daughter Leah joined me!

Wednesday Kayla started teaching a tap dance class for more mature ladies. I dropped by to check it out after my exercise class.

She says she has tap shoes that would fit me and invited me to join. I think I will try it!

Thursday appeared to be the only non-rainy day we'd have so in the morning I worked on repotting plants that needed to be brought in for the winter.
I noticed that the petunias in the the window boxes died away but the other flowers came alive.

Mike was busy all day packing and preparing to participate in the annual Arts Walk in downtown Muncie.
We set up three tables under an open tent with lights. It was the grand opening of Canan Commons. All vendors on that square were part of the YART Sale. Because we were the only ones with lights, we had a growing flow of customers as darkness fell.

We were close to the stage and enjoyed great music and entertainment into the evening.

Friday was Kayla's birthday reminding me of 21 years ago when I witnessed her delivery and held her for the first time.

Once again I have been invited to be present when grand baby number six arrives. Any day now!

Leah went with me to the last produce distribution. I'm kinda sad to see it end. However, the drastic temperature changes and the Fall colors make it clear that change is inevitable.
We had fun 'personifying' one very odd sweet potato.

Saturday dawned very cold, but bright and sunny and Mr. Sweet Potato sat on the window sill making me smile.

It got down below freezing here. What about in your neck of the woods?

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Love your shots. Your week looked like so much fun. What a sweet little baby picture.